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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Since you asked…

… I’ll tell you what doesn’t hurt.

Knees, Hips, Back.

Sweetness. I normally have some knee pain after every run. None. Nada, Zilch after my barefoot runs. The soles of my feet are a bit tender, but I think that is to be expected because I run without my shoes now.

I have now run over 11.1 kms barefoot and I am now the most accomplished barefoot runner that I know (not including the internets people). Now that I am an amazing and time tested barefoot runner I am going to set up some barefoot workshops, to share my secrets of my successful barefoot running. We will meet in a couple weeks, and by then I’ll have reached the magical 20km mark and will really have some amazing stories of my journey to barefootdom.

Topics will include:

  • How to tie your shoe when your not wearing shoes.
  • What do you do with all the extra time, now that you don’t need to look for your shoes.
  • Top 10 things you can do with a unused running shoe
  • how to deal with the racist “no shirt no shoes no service” issue we all face.
  • and as a special treat we will burn our shoes in effigy at the end of the seminar!

Classes will cost the same price as the shoes you aren’t going to buy after this amazing seminar. Take care and goodnight now!


  1. cant wait for the top 10 things cause I have about 20 pair of shoes to get rid of

  2. You're practically an old man on the mountain.

    Re extra time, that's spent writing blog posts and commenting in forums about how much you hate podiatrists. That's one area where shoes win; shopping is much less exasperating.

  3. Wait! What about "Cleaning Your Dirty Soles: Standing Up To Big Loofah By Using A Common Scrub Brush"?

    Or are you in the pocket of Big Loofah?