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Thursday, June 17, 2010


My followers count went down by one today. How the frick does that happen? Some jerk named ‘southofthecliff’ pulled his membership from this awesome journal of my amazing running achievements and sometimes funny escapades. Sooooo… southofthecliff… what is SOOO much better in your life that you didn’t have ANY more room for my friendship, what, you are all FULL up? All I had in life was my 16 followers (thanks mom, don’t leave me, I love you) and now I only have a craptastic 15. I was SO excited when Keith, Tom and Gene signed up, to get me to the SWEET 16, that I bought myself a new pair of running socks. now every time I wear them, I’ll think of what a failure I am, and I’ll wonder if it is worth it to carry on this seemingly insignificant repository of my innermost thought.



  1. Blogger kicked me out of your fan club. I'm back in, though, with an updated name. Now nothing shall keep us apart. I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go. There isn't an ocean too deep, nor mountain so high it could keep, keep me away, away from the CK Club.

  2. Hey, maybe I'll become a follower!

    Then, I'll unfollow and leave you all frustrated because I get off on power, especially the part where you get to wield it arbitrarily and crush people's spirits!1!

    I have 10 followers.

    That is 10 more than I ever thought I would have!

    Cheer up! There are still 10 more days of summer in Kanadia to enjoy!

    Then, the seemingly endless winter returns.

    (Just noticed: It sez now that you have 16 again. So SHUT UP!1!)

  3. Hmmmm....6 of those followers are faceless clones.....

  4. I don't care. followers pad my ego, faceless or not...