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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feeling the effects…

… a bit. little stiffness in my ankles, a bit of a hotspot on my right big toe and under my 5th Metatarsal. And a bit of tightness in both my interior and superior extensor retinaculums on both feet, neither of which is better or worse than the other. I have no calf pain to speak of and absolutely no PF issue, where I normally have a bit of a tug there after a shod run.

I will try lifting more than pushing off during the next run (Sunday) to see what that does for the hotspots. I will also alter my post run stretching routine to include more lower leg and feet stuff.

Other than that, I feel great today! Thanks for the support from the BF community. I figured announcing my arrival to barefootery is akin to registering for a future race. It’ll motivate me to train! if not, it’ll embarrass me if I don’t follow through… so I'll do it. I’m ok with that.

I probably chalk the hot spots up to the ‘social’ run we were on yesterday, as I paid very little attention to the form of my run, and just went with the flow. The run itself, upon reflection, felt amazing and relaxing, so I must have been doing lots of things right...


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