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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not running…

… much these days. Ran last Tuesday, 6k with Caroline. Totally enjoyed it, but just haven’t ran anything else. Feel myself getting fatter and slower. I have however been making good use of my time.

 IMG_2352 IMG_2681  IMG_2752IMG_2539 IMG_2566 IMG_2464IMG_2475 IMG_2363 IMG_2659 IMG_2695  IMG_2800 IMG_2868 IMG_2911

That was all in the last 3 days.


  1. Amen, brother! Looks like you are having a GREAT time with the family! Quality time, good photos, outdoors. Love it. Keep up the good balance!!

  2. You're in shorts. Does that mean it's warm out, or you've had enough and are just pretending it's warm?

  3. Wait. That third picture seems to intimate that you attended a book-burning of some sort because that piece of "wood" looks suspiciously like the side of a book! I can see the individual pages!

    As a librarian, I feel compelled to note:


  4. Thanks Gene!

    Yes Josh, 10 days ago snow, now swim... welcome to Canada! It was 81 yesterday

    Glaven. What kind of computer monitor are you using. Is everything green too?

  5. I'm all for book burning. Bring on the e-readers!

    Seriously, though, the e-reader is pretty awesome.

  6. Hey look. Runner Neil has a life. GQH has a 4 in one blog, Neil Z has 4 blogs. One is

    I was thinking about Gene's comment about balance. Here is our balance blog. GQH, if you swear in this ones comments, i won't publish the comment. I have a lot of church going rv-ers as followers.

  7. Hey! You saw Stampede Band! I was in that band for 5 years. Best years of my life. Although, running with you guys is quickly catching up as a tie for best years of my life. Here's to many years ahead of running together! Tracy O