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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ol’ tenderfoot

Not really though. I ran 3.45k today completely shoeless. It was my first night of barefoot training. I have tried it before, as a lark, but never before because I meant to. I meant to tonight. there, I said it. I have now started barefoot training. My baby soft soles need a little toughening up, but other than that, I feel really good. My pace was 7min/km. It’s a nice easy pace for me to get started.

I want to be called Barefoot Zee.

Is that too corny? I’m Neil, should I be Barefoot Neil? Can I be Barefoot Zee? That kinda makes me a loser doesn’t it, making my own new nickname.

Nope. I’ll be Barefoot Neil Z. ok

On July 13th I start a 12 week program culminating in a 1/2 marathon. For the next few weeks, until the official training starts, I will be practicing and toughening. Does anyone have some extra carpet tacks I can run on? Maybe a hot bed of coals…

wish me luck in my new barefootery ninjanery.


  1. Cool! About to do my barefoot update too.
    it feels good, doesn't it?

  2. Better than tacks:

    Deciding to go with the "Barefoot" title is a tough call; it's hard to go back, and it does induce a bit of eye-rolling. But then, who cares. Welcome to the community of folks who like how the ground feels on the soles and have a predilection for goofy titles.

  3. I'm going to try some barefoot running the week after my first half marathon (this Saturday).

  4. Josh is right about alter-egos. In my overzealousness as I got into running barefoot I assumed the Barefoot Chris moniker. I even created a travelogue-Blog. But I have decided to run in Vibrams now so I shamefully had to drop my new name. I opted for Vibram Chris, but more as a bit of a joke than something I would silk screen onto t-shirts or detail on the side of the family van.
    I kept the blog rolling as the journey has changed but continues.
    Good luck on your efforts. Read the link Josh provided. And enjoy Josh's site as well.

  5. How about "That Krazee Kanadian"?

    Good luck with it, BF Zee.