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Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby beef is veal, what is baby chicken?

Traci made some really tasty baked chicken, she is proud to say it was her own recipe. I got to eat this cute little guy.


Seriously, how does a chicken breast look like a fuzzy chick. yum. Feel free to use this photo as your Desktop background if you like!

I loved being part of that race yesterday.

Lots of good chi has come from it today. I did forget to mention that my new ultrarunning buddy Joanne won this 5k race too! I wanna go ultrarunning. As a statistics honk, I am quite stoked to have a world record day for this here blog in terms of visits as well as page views! Here is a map of some of today's visitor locations…


Also, watch the 2010 *10-10* Virtual Race page for updates on prizes and participants! To play, comment your intentions to run and clip the tag onto your page. The more people, the more prizes me thinks!

1010 VR

And since there was no awesome photo of the day yesterday, here yar!

IMG_5144IMG_5160 IMG_7292


  1. I think baby chicken is just refered to as tasty. Great blog

  2. oh ... the poor little Chicken got it's feet wet in ketchup! I guess we'll just have to eat it!

  3. Hey! My dot's right in the middle of the map! I'm surrounded by your blog friends!

    Baby chickens are peeps. At least that's what we call them when they hatch. Then we grow them and chop their heads off and eat them. Seriously. I live in farm country.

    Do you still want to eat chicken?