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Saturday, October 30, 2010

sooooo tired… And Belinda Carlisle, What?!

I am worn right down. Not really sick, just worn out. I am pulling the pin on any training for the next couple weeks, except I may go to the gym and do some easy spinning on the bikes.

I have 2 races, one on the 6th. I am carrying my Big Canon XTI for this one though. It is for the photos, not the time. You see, it is a 5 mile night race, up a mountain in Banff and I have some really ambitious photography goals for that one. Think psychedelic man… with the glow sticks that everyone will be carrying. The second race is the Last Chance Half marathon on Nov 14th. I will treat it like a fun run. I will enjoy it and once it is over, I will set up a training plan for the Marathon in May. Anyone want to weigh in on what has worked for them?

Feel free to ‘last minute’ enter the RoadID contest, Click here for the entry page. 2 certificates will be handed out on Monday! And so far Belinda Carlisle is kicking Rick Astley’s @ss in the poll. Actually, Rick Astley only had one vote, and it came from Q on the Move. Yep… Tough guy and trophy husband Q.

Chris K and I have a contest we are putting on starting on Tuesday. You are going to like this one. ohhh I’m excited. (its not an Ipad.)

Happy Saturday! See ya tomorrow! (I may give you a hint about the new contest… what do YOU think we could have cooked up?)

Here. A photo I took of  a graveyard in SW Pennsylvania. Re-touched a bit…

PA cemetery 1

And a dreamy Great Horned Owl that came for a day a few years ago. He just sat there for 13 hours.  6 feet from our dining room window. I almost pooped when I opened the blind and there he was!

 Owl 2

 Owl 5


  1. Ooooh, I'm really looking forward to that night photography.

    My gosh! That owl just hung out with you guys for a while? Holy cow. His tootsies must have been cold.

    You know, I never think your posts are stupid, but every time I see the "it was stupid" reaction I really want to click it. I hear it in Zim's voice. =P So if you ever see it clicked, know it's probably me and I didn't mean it, I just couldn't resist. Actually...ooohhh I think i'm gonna click it right now. It's calling my name.

    Enjoy the rest!

  2. Some visitor you had there. What a beauty.
    I am looking forward to your new photo 'assignment'. I was beginning to worry you might run our of photos.
    Smart move on listening to your body and resting.

  3. Iris and I look for owl pellets whenever we're on a trail. We'd love to have such a visitor. Although the chickens might not be too thrilled.

    Re marathon training, it seems all plans are variations of three "quality runs" a week. Usually it's a 6-12 mile tempo, 6-12 miles on hills or fartleks, and a 16-22 mile long run. Other miles are filler. This is pretty standard:

    Or, just run as much as you can, sometimes fast.

    You'll have to do the km conversion.

  4. I'm with Keeley! I can not wait to see the night pictures!

    Mr Owl knows you have a special family and felt comfortable with you!

  5. So... Could this be a Photography PR?

  6. Wow, that Owl is uh-mazing. The cemetary was stark and sad. Bring on Banff. If you hurry to the gym you may be able to catch a CFL game.

  7. Chris K. - All cemetaries are sad, but this one is especially sad. I used to walk up there on and off and read the headstones. Lots and lots of little kids from the early 1900's...Very sad. :(

  8. oooooo....spppooooky!!! love it! thats a big effin' owl...i bet you did almost poop yourself LOL. do you really run with your XTi? how do you manage that and what lens do you carry?

  9. That owl is amazing!!
    Marathon training for me has been the three quality runs that Josh stated above.

    Hahahaha! Had to edit to add that my captcha was POODW. Maybe they about pooed when they saw the owl too :)

  10. How cool that you had an owl visitor! I love your photos.

  11. Well, you take a break, cause I ran for 2 whole minutes during my 1 hour walk yesterday and it DIDN'T HURT. SO come Thursday, I'll be flying with the wind.