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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Housekeeping…

The Virtual Race is officially a huge success, thanks to all the participants and prize sponsors for making my 10-10-10 Birthday a special one, on TOP of the awesome day that I get to spend with my Family, I get to share it with all of you! And many of you will get presents! *WoOt*

All the Cool Kids are racing in this!

You can still enter and enjoy this race, and I am still soliciting prizes, so go on over to the race page and sign up! Also if you are in the race and you haven’t clicked on the ‘Follow Me’ tab on the side, go ahead and do it now, it’ll help me keep tabs on you after the race is over!

My Latest CSN Giveaway!

$65.00 to the winner! Sign up here, contest closes on Wednesday!

Barefoot Neil Z is on Facebook! It is becoming a cool place to hang out. Thanks for “liking” me. You don’t have to be my friend here, you only have to like me. hehe.

Barefoot Neil Z is on Twitter! although I don’t know what the hell I am doing on there…

I have nothing to say but good things about the organizing committee for the Harvest Half Marathon. They put on one of the most popular races in Calgary, and none of them are runners! They listen to us runners and make changes where they can and all have hearts of gold! They work tirelessly for months on end, all for the love of their fallen friend, Tracey Flagg. Thank you from me, and from our whole running community here in South Calgary.

Martin Parnell is starting to wind down his amazing quest. He just ran Marathon # 183 of 250 this year. Let’s have a run again soon Martin! oh yeah… he has run 4794 miles this year so far.

My physical health after the Half is pretty fantastic. It feels like I am a Half Marathon expert now. I have completed 5 of them now in the last 16 months. I understand the distance, pacing, fuelling, suffering, and everything else that goes along with the 21.1k race. I love them. I think for the first time, that I could attempt the marathon distance. I am not ready for the commitment to training yet, but possibly in the future. My calves are somewhat sore today (day 2), enough to make me limp a little, but not enough to stop my normal daily routine. My feet are perfect. relaxed, and feeling invigorated. Sunday afternoon they were a bit tender, but as I have learned, all I need to return to normal is a good nights sleep and when I wake up, they are fine!

My racing future only has 1 race on the Calendar. Thanks to BondiBand, I am racing the Last Chance Half on November 14th in Downtown Calgary. Hopefully it is warm so I can go barefoot. (Calgary gets some pretty significant Chinooks that can raise the normal frigid winter temps into the 60’s at any time of the winter). The only problem is the ground will still be very cold, so I'll have figured my winter footwear options by then I am sure.

I will attempt at least 1, but hopefully more of the Calgary Roadrunners XC winter races. They look like a TON of fun!

Thank you for reading and Goodnight!



  1. I read this in the morning so your "Good night" meant nothing to me!1! Do YOU HEAR ME?!1?


    Whoa! I think I need more coffee ...

  2. I've told Martin that I will run #250 with him on December 31st. The start of it is right out my front door in Cochrane. I challenge you to do likewise! I'll be my mukluks! Woop!

  3. I will be curious to see what footwear you will pick for your winter runs.
    Gosh, I am not even on Facebook (used to be, maybe should go back...). Twitter... I don't know. Keeping up with blogging takes a lot of time. But all that stuff is so tempting.