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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This and that…


GU for you Canada!

RoadID for everyone, 2 of them up for grabs…

Ran 9km today, in my 5’s, no Injinji’s tho. Felt really nice. Thought lots of things on the run, as it was the first run in months that i did on my own.

Some of the thoughts were:

  • Wow, it’s dark out
  • I can really run with my head up, when I run in fives.
  • Wow, is it ever nice to be able to fart as required
  • What am I going to blog about tonight?
  • I think I'll stop at the 6k mark and go home. (I didn’t)
  • maybe I'll run the whole run. (I did)
  • I wonder if anyone is going to take me up on my trail run invite for Sunday.
  • Speed up my cadence
  • I passed that guy walking his dog on my first loop. I wonder if he envys me.
  • Look at that guy sitting in his car lighting a smoke, I wonder if he despises me.
  • Man that truck is going fast. I wonder how many of these people are driving drunk.
  • Do you think I should tell the internet that I am not running with my new roadID because I misplaced it?
  • I wonder If I should tell the internet what I have decided to run as my goal race next summer, and if I should tell them it may be a marathon.
  • I wonder if I should update the look of my blog.
  • Man am I ever happy to be running tonight.
  • My cardio is pretty fantastic
  • I wonder how fast I could run a half marathon if I was 190lbs. ~50lbs lighter than now
  • I might be the fastest 240lb’er in the world.
  • Do I REALLY want there to be a Clydesdale category in races? Like, would that can o’ worms be welcome? I dunno…
  • I could win cool swag in a Clydesdale race… I do like all the swag.
  • How would my feet feel at 190lbs.
  • Man I wish I had a run coach.

Dang, there’s my house. Good run.

Earlier, Traci and I went to pick the boy up at Nan and Poppop’s house, but before that we went for supper at Extreme Pita in South Trail. Traci told me that she loves the place, but I wasn’t a huge pita fan. I think I may been thinking about Donairs or falafels by mistake as I LOVED my Chicken Caesar Pita.

Handshaker alert!! The guy making my Pita is a guy from my past. David W. is the owner of this Extreme Pita franchise, but I knew him from when I used to sell contract office furniture, and he was the office manager and Chief Pilot in a private airline, flying Citation Jets all over the world! He was always a really nice guy, and in our conversation I found out he is runner too. He finished 9th in the Victoria Half Marathon on 10.10.10 this year in a time of 1:26… *wOoT*! wow… On top of it all, his Pita shop is super clean and the food is great!! Thanks David! Traci is also stoked that a small chicken Pita with Tzatziki instead of Mayo is only 2 6 points on Weight Watchers…

During the day Dad and I worked on specifying a water management system for some unruly rainwater for a client. Here is the diversion plan we came up with. What do you think? Are you impressed? Client was. Fun fact: This house was built in 1918 and was purchased through the T.Eatons Catalogue for $785.00. It showed up on a rail car in pre-built components, ready to be assembled!


  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 220.1km
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 73.7km (12 on trails)
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)

    Here is a photo of the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria BC. I like this place a lot! Andrew was 3 months old when we took him here. we stayed in a suite in the far ‘turret’


    Here is a picture of our view from the room!


    Seriously, right? In the airport heading to Victoria, Oct 2007… wowzee… I get a bit bleary eyed…


    And I still have these freaking gnomes… they are in the house now… dang.

    IMG_0067 IMG_0066


    1. 240! You don't look 240. Funny blog. Cute baby.

    2. I read sometimes about people who solve all kinds of complex problems on their runs. My thoughts seem to be jumping all over the place. Kind of like yours.
      Andrew has grown since, hasn't he? Hold on to these moments. Soon you will have a teenager and though it is loads of fun, you will still miss those early days when he was trusting you 100%.

    3. OH my GOSH a small chicken pita is TWO POINTS? Dang that's amazing.
      +1 Dave. What the heck? How is that even possible?
      What's your goal race then, huh? =)
      I kind of like the look of your blog. It's clean and not distracting; makes the words and pictures really stand out.
      What's with the gnomes?

    4. Geez...I did a SUPER early run this morning and had the same sort of random thoughts:
      -why are all the lights on in that house?
      -crap...a skunk! Run faster and don't scare it
      -hmm..another house with lights on..nice kitchen.
      No gnomes though...

    5. Actually the Small Grilled Chicken Pita the way I get it fixed at Extreme Pita is 6 points for me. Still AWESOME!

    6. My thoughts are more like, "OMG. I hope no one can see me." Hahaha. I am thinking of doing WW myself. Does Traci like it? I think I'd be a lot happier with my running if I was down a good 20 lbs, myself.

    7. That last gnome looks like he's ready to jump. Don't do it little guy!

    8. Kate - I love it. I don't feel deprived. Meeting times are convenient too... - Traci

    9. I love the random thoughts on your run sharing action. ::smiles:: That was fun.

    10. So funny! I should really track my random thoughts when I run. When you put them down on paper, it's hilarious!

    11. That's a lot going on in your head during that run! Good job recounting it for your blog. :) Cute pic of your little guy, too!

      Gnomes. They ARE everywhere.