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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I missed a day…

… blogging. only the second time since July 1st. Sometimes I just get tired. dang.

I picked up my race packet for the Gorilla Run on Sunday and I got a nice ladies v-neck XL tech shirt. Dang. Is it worth the hassle to get it exchanged? How many tech shirts do I really need, really. Although this one is very cool with a , wait for it… Gorilla, on the front.

When I was at the running store picking up the packet, I wanted to see some calf compression sleeves. Do they have them?? NO… dang again. The guy said that this is a running store, that I had to go to a Tri store… sheesh. Looks like I won’t get a chance to try the sleeves for this race. Dang.

Some of the snow we had yesterday has stuck today. Dang.


CANADIANS!!! don’t forget about the GU giveaway. So far the most disgusting story is Paul eating Vaseline and the funniest story is Canadian Runner seeing someone eating Vaseline. It’s funny that story came up twice! I now have important race day knowledge. Avoid the Vaseline popsicles… Dang.

And that is my biggest lesson to you, faithful readers, ‘RACE day is NOT the day to test new fuelling strategies!

What was the s.t.u.p.i.d.e.s.t NEW thing you have done on race day?

Good luck to everyone running this weekend! Seems like a LOT of races happening! AND: Tapererers, enjoy your downtime! there is plenty of days to run, just get recovered for your big races!

Update: I had to share: Our clubs run captain sends out emails to let us know, when, where etc for our runs. Today's was particularly funny.

Greetings Fellow Runaholics,

I just checked out the weather forecast for Sunday morning, and I wanted to remind everyone to dress appropriately for the temperature, which will be -2° at starting time.  For those who are menopausal, this means shorts and a t-shirt.  For the rest of us, it’s parkas and electric socks.  Don’t despair though; spring will be back again at the end of September next year.

Best regards,

Jim M.


  1. ooohhhh snow!! I think that the 1st snowfall is my favorite... and then that enthusiasm quickly dies off around January.

  2. I feel cold just reading your blog today!

    One good thing that will come out of this is that we'll get to see your winter scene photography!!

  3. Nooooo not snow...Dang!

    That email is very funny :)

  4. Missing a day is ok. We all know you were overwrought at the idea of missing GQH's kegger and needed to take some time to compose yourself.

  5. Soooo worth the hassle to get a tech shirt with a gorilla on it.

    That snow looks truly appallingly cold.

    And that email is fabulous. =)

  6. So why doesn't a running store have calf sleeves?

  7. dang! Andrew beat me again.
    try a farm store for calf sleeves.
    i share an office with a woman who is menopausal, but she is always COLD. as a result, i sweat all day, just standing at my desk.

  8. Wow, you're a blogging MACHINE!!! A full year w/out a break!? I can't even imagine it.

    SNOW!? I miss snow a bit, but I don't miss the