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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last day for the Canada GU contest


Are you Canadian? If you are keep reading. If you are not I have posted this photo for you to enjoy while the Canadians are reading.


Canadians, don’t forget to enter the GU Sampler pack contest. Its a good one, and just so you know, these are very hard to get up here in the Gros Nord du Blanc! (don’t hate me, Quebecquois… i tried)


Today is the last day, and the winner will be announced tomorrow!

Good Luck!

(Ps, I lost 5 lbs overnight in my Running Losers challenge… not pretty but I’ll take it… only 4 more nights to go!!! *WoOt*) Hey HONEY? Where do we keep the desatin?


  1. O, so THAT explains that overwhelming sound of moving lips I'm hearing coming form the north: Teh Kanadians are all reading to themselves!


    O, I'm just bitter that as an Amurcan I'm excluded from your contest. Yummy, yummy splooge, I mean "goo" ... er, Gu!

    Hahahahaha! That should attract the porn-boys!

    (This is a family blog. You should probably delete this comment.)

  2. hahaha...I'm Canadian...but I still enjoyed the photo.

  3. That is a beautiful photo, thanks for sharing some amazing American scenery.

  4. Ha - I read it BECAUSE I wasn'tallowed. So there. ;)

  5. Can I get a temporary Canadian citizenship?

  6. Je suis Quebecqoise. C'est vrai. Mais, Je n'aime pas le GU. J'adore ma nouveau chapeau.

  7. Well, I'll be flummoxed! I found your blog through Sue and Doug (Big Dawg) when they saw my blog post today about my barefoot wannabe run today :) You wanna see a newbie hoofing it?

    Here ya go!