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Monday, December 6, 2010

Reader Mail!!

I Love reader mail.

Avocational Singer said...

Wow, I can't believe I missed that post about the "Bam!" and the "Pain." I thought I saw every single one of your blog posts. How did I miss that?

A: I am a much faster blogger than I am runner. Just try to keep up to me! BWahahahah!

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Will you be running in shoes or without?? I haven't even attempted to think of a race schedule yet.. Good luck!

A: Without, at all costs…

Blaznfast said...

Neil, I would only plan on two full marathons as they can take there toll on you pretty quick unless you have seasoned up for them. If 2011 handles two ok then I would go more the following year. I would suggest making Red Deer the first one, you get three more weeks of good training weather for an early season race. Also, I may know of a spot for you to run on a K100 team since I will be doing the Chinook 1/2 IM that day now. Finally, check out my past years race schedule, I thought I raced lots but you are looking at double what I do.

A: I would almost rather race everyday instead of train. It’s that simple for me… Some races are just for fun. It took me 30 ish races to get from wanting to run myself into the ground every race, to being able to enjoy some of them and just run them for the friendship, fitness, and scenery! I am looking forward to run-walking some marathons (straight running my feature races obviously), and possibly some ultras and trail races in the next couple years too!

Chris K said...

I gotta say, I definitely have a new thought process about how pretty Calgary is. Who knew.

A: Jeez man, how long have you been reading my blog? Most of my photos are from Calgary… Or are you saying that sunset photo makes Calgary look ugly? HEY! not everyone can be from San Diego man…. cripes.

Photo Break. enjoyIMG_1067

Keeley said...

Dammit! I'm not from Calgary and I'm not on facebook. So. I guess I'm screwed.
Those baskets are awesome. =)

A: Yep, correct.

Angie Bee said...

The link doesn't get me to the page on facebook and I searched but couldn't find it. I am from USA, as you know, I will get the paged liked when I can find it!!

A: Did-ja find it? Here.

DG said...

Do I have to unlike and then re-like the Getta Gift site to enter?

A: Nope. You’re good. thanks for playing!

Lindsay said...

 This post gives away how your mind works.

A: uh-oh…

Adrienne said...

So just to do this by choice? For fun? Okay then have at it. :)

A: Yep.

Chris K said...

Dude, since you are now one of my new Canadian BFF's I'm a big Riders fan. Huge. I would love to go to a home game, but a little more in the dead of winter.

A: Rider Pride is WORLD WiDE Baby!!! *wOoT*. And yeah. I’ll call you when it gets cold

Nellie and Jonathan said...

Wanna know how those cars ended up in the ditch? High speed photography! :) LOL :)

A: Hey Nellie! Zip it…

Thanks for playing everyone! Send your comments in and YOU to could be the next contestant in Reader Mail!

Oh. Keith, Richard and Jarrett!, enter this contest and then re-blog it! DO IT! That’s right gentlemen, I just shoutfonted at you.

Final thought: Just watching Entertainment Tonight. Is it just me or is Julianne Hough a little bit trashy for Ryan Seacrest? Me and my wife think so.

Final Final thought. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. Thomas the Tank Engine is REAL! wow.

IMG_1113 IMG_1055


  1. You know that show where the Gerbils drive everything and that English voice narrates over it - it's real too.

    It was at the cottage and when we opened it last year every possible rodent was in the place having a happy time ... the raccoons were using the dryer as a toilet.

  2. Of course he is real! Hope you little man enjoyed him.

  3. Dash got super excited when he saw your kiddo and the Thomas train. :) Apparently I am now supposed to invite your son to come over and play.

    so,if youre ever in Texas....

  4. Zip it 'eh (see, I speak Canadian)?? How about I toss you a "hot salad", and you can sit on it? ;)

    (36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)

  5. I think you have it backwards. Ryan Seacrest is a little bit trashy for Julianne Hough. She's gorgeous!

  6. Nice, I got two shout outs. Listen, I have been reading your Blog for years. I didn't mean that I JUST THEN realized Calgary was beautiful. Go Riders. Is it cold enough yet for my visit? I want sub zero to really get the full Calgary experience.

  7. Wait - Chris got two shout outs and I got ZERO. Something is wrong there. Oh wait, that is because I've been in newborn baby offline mode. Cest La Vie.

    I will say that Thomas sort of creeps me out.