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Friday, December 31, 2010

Preview to the report

Just thought I’d give you a little taste of Martins Run today. I’ll have a full report and a full length motion picture in the next couple days.

It was inspiring, to say the least.

Crisp day with windchills approaching –25c. Brrr.

 IMG_8946 IMG_8947

Here is Martin finishing his penultimate lap. 2.5k to go and his very long year of running is over… I joked that he should stop, turn to the crowd and say:

I’m pretty tired, I think I’ll go home now…


At the finish. the charity is Right to Play and it’s for kids all around the world. Martin in his ever so coolness, invited all the kids running today to cross the finish line with him.


Do you see it below? The little green camera!!! *WoOt* Made our National Newspaper! HAh!

Little Green Camera 1

And I posted the interview. You can get a pretty good idea at the persona of this guy from the video. Just cool.

Yep, just cool! HAHA!


  1. Looks tropical. Dude, did we break up?

  2. What an amazing guy. Must have been exciting being there and participating in it all. Looks bloody cold though.