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Monday, December 13, 2010

O Canada

My boy loves him a good hockey game, and what happens before every hockey game? Yup. the National Anthem.

This was at the Calgary Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss game, where everyone brings a bear and throws it on the ice after the home teams first goal. I’ll have the entire report and the full video up tomorrow hopefully… meanwhile, here is the report from last years game.


Keep the suggestions coming over at the blog post from yesterday. My level of inspiration is going up with every comment! Even “what Chris K said” helps… There are some pretty cool gifts to be won, just for helping me! Jill: I am looking into your suggestions of using Brain Training for Runners, or the original Jack Daniels program (I had to Google this to make sure you weren’t just trying to get me drunk). Your advice and Scott from Australia are sort of peaking my interest the most. I am kind of swaying toward a guided plan, more than a self administered one at this point, but you never know…

And totally don’t forget about the Gift Basket Contest for Calgarians. Um, did you also know that there is a second place prize that is for anyone, from anywhere?

I am going to sign up for my goal marathon tomorrow… yikes…


  1. how amazing was that video? so very, very cool. you should be proud. well done, Dad. in similar news, i was lucky enough to be able to take our little and middle (4 and 13) guys to watch Army (West Point, the US Military Academy) play Dartmouth College in basketball on saturday night. when our National Anthem played, Bryce (4) stood right up, straight as a pin, and placed his hand over his heart (as is our custom) without me saying a word. i must admit i got choked up....
    again, great parenting to you and Traci.
    be well,

  2. Absolutely adorable!!! I loved it :)

  3. I love it - he actually sings it better than I do ... here on the eastern side they usually throw in a French verse in the middle that quiets the crowd right down ... but it only riles them up to finish the last verse in English!

  4. I clicked the option for "This post is stupid'. Not because I thought it was stupid, but really just because the other options didn't do it for me. You know, I liked it, but I didn't like-like it and I didn't want to be accidentally leading it on and making it think we had some kind of future together, because I'm already in a committed and loving relationship with my own blog posts. And, come on! It really didn't earn "you are sooooo funny", so that one was out.

    I assume it was cute, what with a vid of a 3yo singing "O Kanadia", but I'm at work and our bandwidth sux so I couldn't watch the video.

    Plus, "it was cute" isn't an option.

    Just as well. I still would have gone with stupid.

    No offense.

  5. Love the video of your son singing!! Very cool that he was singing along.