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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Basket Contest for Calgary and Area! and a consolation prize for the rest of you.

My Darling Wife has a new company and it’s called GettaGift! Gift Baskets, you see, and it is doing pretty well. Like all small businesses there are challenges. One of the challenges is promoting her business, without being too ‘In your face’ to all of our friends and family, yet still letting them know about the amazing products she sells. So how to get the word out there? Give something away!!

How would you like THIS delivered to your house on Dec 23rd? Wow, right? “How to enter” is down at the bottom of this blog post.


The reason the main prize for this contest is just for Calgary is, her delivery base is in Calgary. Right. Got it? Additionally, we will deliver to all the bedroom communities surrounding Calgary as well.

First off, here is a little bit about Traci’s company.

Name: Getta Gift! Gift Baskets


Email: traci at gettagift dot ca

Tel: four oh three 831-4315

(I do those word games in phone and email to eliminate autodialers and spammers.)

Getta Gift! is fully licensed to deliver alcohol (wines, champagne) in the baskets too!

Traci takes GREAT pains to make sure the product quality in the basket is top notch, as well as taking even GREATER pains to make sure the basket looks amazing! I can’t actually be in the room with her when she is wrapping baskets, as it drives me bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s. She is SOOOO anal about the wrap being perfect, and the bow being perfect… wow… They look absolutely incredible in the end… I would probably toss them into a plastic grocery bag… That’s why she has that the business and not me, I guess.

Here is what I am talking about. They don’t look this good without a TON of fussing. But WOW, wouldn’t this be an incredible gift to give or receive?


Pictured above is a group of 6 baskets that went out today to a Corporate Client to present to his staff at a Christmas Party tomorrow night. How much fun!

Which brings me to Traci’s passion, and the main reason she started this company. She loves to create and build custom gift solutions for corporate clients. Traci is fantastic at developing and presenting the perfect gift for your clients or staff. Her corporate solutions have been incredibly well received at all price points! GettaGift! has Corporate Solutions starting at $15.00 all the way up to $(?)!!

Some of Traci’s other favourites for single order baskets include:

  • New Baby Baskets (these are always VERY well received)
  • Babybasket
  • Fresh fruit Baskets
  • IMG_7688
  • Kids Fun Baskets
  • IMG_7646
  • Spa Baskets
  • IMG_7632
  • Manly Spa Baskets
  • IMG_7620 
  • Get well baskets
  • IMG_7692
  • Christmas baskets
  • IMG_8284
  • IMG_7693
  • Holidays, Birthdays, Any Occasion Baskets
  • IMG_7687
  • Endurance Sports Baskets
  • IMG_7824
  • and on and on…


Now. How to enter this contest.

Calgary and Area People. You DO NOT need to be an official follower of this blog. This is for my DW’s company. You can post a comment anonymously so you don’t have to set up a Good Friend Connect account. Just be sure to leave your name in the body of the comment.

  1. Go to GettaGift! on Facebook and ‘LIKE’ it. Come back here and comment that you did that. +1 Entry
  2. Now, for LOTS more entries, tell your friends to do the above entry. Just make sure they say that you sent them in their comments. You get +3 entries for each new person you steer to enter this contest.
  3. Go here, find the contest and share to your facebook. Let me know in comments below +2 entries
  4. Tweet, post on your blogs, Print and tack onto your company Bulletin Boards, Write in the snow. +2 entries for each. Leave me a comment to let me know for each one.
  5. ALSO! If you end up ordering a basket from GettaGift! in the timeframe of this contest, you will get +10 entries! WOW!

This contest will run from right now until Dec 22nd, and I will PERSONALLY deliver the basket on Dec 23rd!



For the rest of you. Non Calgarian and area-ians.

Enter to win a nice little basket of Holiday Goodness, to be shipped out NOT in time for Christmas. Oh well. Ukrainian Christmas is Jan 6th…

FOLLOW THIS BLOG then: Go to GettaGift! on Facebook and ‘LIKE’ it. Come back here and comment that you did that and where you are from so I can un-count you for the main prize. +1 Entry

That’s it. If you are not from Calgary or Area, you only get one entry.


  1. I am in Calgary and I have LIKED Getta Gift site
    What a great looking prize

  2. Dammit! I'm not from Calgary and I'm not on facebook. So. I guess I'm screwed.
    Those baskets are awesome. =)

  3. The link doesn't get me to the page on facebook and I searched but couldn't find it. I am from USA, as you know, I will get the paged liked when I can find it!!

  4. I now like Getta Gift ( I thought a already had but apparently not).

  5. I also shared the contest on my facebook. I do like all of her stuff!

  6. I have now tweeted about Getta Gift.

  7. I would enter but I not yet recovered from Sunday, oh woe is me!!!

  8. I have "liked" Getta Gift for quite a while now and I bought three gift baskets last week. But I did put the contest on my Facebook page (Traci is a friend, so she will see) and I have been talking up the teacher baskets to my friends.

    How many entries do I get?

    Michelle Bullas

  9. Okay, those baskets are seriously awesome. I wish I was closer so I could buy some as gifts!

  10. Do I have to unlike and then re-like the Getta Gift site to enter?

  11. You are good Dwayne. You don't have to unlike and relike. Consider yourself entered.

  12. I liked on FB and posted in FB as well! She has beautiful stuff, I will keep in mind.

  13. I already LIKE it on FB. Does that count? And of course I'll go share it with my friends right now.

  14. I bought a basket! In fact, I bought the exact basket you're giving away for this contest. So beautiful, and very reasonably priced :)

  15. In Calgary--liked it on Facebook. BTW, Hi Neil.


  16. Neil, I'd love to like your wife's company on FB, but I can't find it! Send me a linkyloo young man, and this Wisconsinite will likey! Her baskets look awesome!! Great ideas!