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Monday, December 20, 2010

That’s it. My decision has been made! *WoOt*


That will have to wait for another day. My DW and ‘Love Actually’ Await.

I had a hell of a cold run tonight at –24c w/ the wind.

Neil Mirror  

5k, but after 2k with the group I pulled the pin and headed back (only 1/2k from the start) because my feet were REALLY cold and weren’t warming up. We had waited at a light for over a minute and they just froze up. When I split from the group I sprinted for a while and almost instantly my feet warmed up. I knew the route the group was on so I headed backwards around the circle and met back up with them. As we were finishing up, I wanted to carry on! So, lesson for tonight, it IS possible to warm up after freezing up. Good. This was probably 5 degrees too cold for the Vibrams tho.

snowy vibrams

Next time I’ll wear the Watersocks.

This was a cool shot from my 6k run yesterday. Snowy! It is about 8” of packed snow on the path!

Snowy path

Here is my ad for BondiBands, Ryders Eyewear and Yurbuds! And the Yurbuds rocked! I actually loved them more than I thought I would. I’ll talk about them in a later post.


A couple pics of the winter. yeah, it’s very winter here. (Pics taken with iPhone, so grainy, I don’t like the quality, but it’s better than most phones)




  1. I love the shot with the blacktop with the snow on either side.

  2. Too. Damn. Cold. Those pictures make my bones hurt.

  3. Fantastic photos! I can't imagine what temps like that must feel like.

  4. Beautiful run. I've tried numerous times to run in my vff's my feet are just way too cold!! BOOOO!!!

  5. @ Johann. You ever get a Slurpee/Froster/Slushee/Squishy Headache? Like that, but all over your body and twice as cold in your feet and hands.

  6. I'm just so terrified of the ice. That has really hampered my outside running. I suppose yours is more snow than ice because of the temp.

  7. Great pics, but looking at them makes me feet (and the rest of me) really cold. You are amazing!

  8. I of course meant "my feet"... good job editing on my part. :/

  9. I have been over dressing with my water shoes to keep the core and legs warm. Just a note talked to a sales person at the running room apparently there is a rumor that they may start selling VFF.

  10. A lot of people are buying them. they need to get in on the action! Also, Vibrams are no longer 'weird'

  11. Good lord - 8" of snow on the path??? wow.

    I'm going to create a custom wiz-bang website to get you to take my suggestion next time.