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Friday, December 3, 2010


It is 4:35 right now, I took this at 4:22. Those are the Rocky Mountains the sun is settling into…



  1. Dude, you're gonna go blind looking into that :)

    And PLEASE, next time you see the sun, order it to come to Utah. I'm getting that lack of sunshine disorder. What's that called anyway? SAD? No, that's not it. Great. Now this is going to drive me nuts all night until I remember. I'm a nut job, what can I say?!!?

  2. Yeah. It's SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder... Yes, nutjob, you are correct.

  3. WHEW! You saved me a trip to google! Ok, so I'm sad because I've got SAD. So your bazillion sun pictures are my therapy for the day...So gracias amigo!