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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monthly Roundup!!

It’s exactly a month since I ran the Last Chance Half. I have ran exactly once since then. stupid foot. That’s all I'm going to say about that. I have an easy run scheduled for tomorrow to test out the foot. Wish me well.

That’s not all I'm going to say about that; this is. This is supposed to be a running blog. I got the blog part right. I have ran twice and blogged 33 times in the last 30 days… *curse* I feel like the joker. Pffftttt… Ahh well… life eh?

Current Contests Running here at BATCKADI:

I was THIS close to signing up for the Red Deer Marathon, when for some reason I went and read the FAQ’s.


I can run all the fun runs I want on gravel and learn lots about myself and get a barefoot education. But not in the marathon. I was asked on facebook if I could wear my vibrams. I could, but I am quite set on making my first Marathon a full barefoot Marathon. I am looking forward to a great finish in my first Marathon and I am Soooo close to registering for Vancouver.

Who is going to run in the BMO Vancouver Marathon? Adam, Tricia, Lindsay, all the WA state bloggers, EMZ, Andrew? Quinton? Chris K? If it’s not on your radar, it should be…

hold, on… i’ll BRB…gotta do something.


Ok, there. I did it. May 1st, I’ll run my first Marathon in the O2 rich air of Vancouver!! Yeah! Hey Jagger?! Where are my blue mitts and the parking spot you bribed me with?

Oh yeah, the parking spot. I am trying to secure a parking spot for my Travel Trailer where the team at Barefoot Neil Z will host a pre race coffee party and a post race tailgate party! The powers in YVR are discussing the logistics of letting us have  a spot somewhere near the start/finish line to enable this meetup. Calgarians and Bloggers are first on the invite list for shure! I will do my best to solicit some sponsorships that will make this event quite worthwhile of your attendance.

You excited now? I am! I’ll make my training plan decision in the next few days too so I can get started on that. Did you know, that while I am training for my first Marathon, my lovely wife will be training for her first half marathon? She will be running in the Police Half here in Calgary on April 17th! Way to Go honey, I know you’ll knock it out of the park!

Ok, back to my non-running reports.

We went to the Calgary Hitmen Game on Sunday (It’s a junior hockey team, 16 to 20 year old players). The level of hockey is quite excellent but we didn’t really go to see the game this time (although the game was very good)

I’ll let you watch this to better explain the whole deal.

Fun hey? For those that hate youtube videos, it’s a game where everyone brings a stuffed bear and when the home team scores their first goal, you chuck the bear on the ice. There were 16,000 people at this game and they hucked 23,000 bears onto the ice! Fun! The bears go to sick kids in hospitals and to needy children in Calgary and area.

We were in row 1. Where all the bears collect. I had a WICKED teddy bear headache from getting wonked!


It’s a pretty cool view of the game. This is the same arena the Flames play.


That Goalie from Red Deer is 6’14” tall… wow! (the net if 4’ tall, btw)


A full building for a junior game… exciting!


Nan, Poppop and Andrew enjoying the relative peace after all the bears were tossed!


Well, that finished up the Roundup. Hopefully I’ll have a run report and injury report for you tomorrow.


  1. Yay! I'm so in (well, I will be tomorrow when I register)!

    Love the teddy bear toss... I know Spud wouldn't have given a teddy away for anything so good for Andrew! If he comes to Vancouver with you we can arrange for a playdate!

  2. that looks like tons of fun!! we don't have anything like that here, though we should, because we have the region's ONLY kid's hospital (which is really a coupla floors inside the hospital).
    kudos to Andrew for hucking the bear. I dunno if B-man would have done it...
    oh, and what is it like, being John Malkovich?

  3. 6’14” would be 7’2” in dog years ....

    I'm checking out the Vancouver site now ... it would depend on who we could stay with.

  4. That's awesome that they give the bears to sick kids in the hospital, what a great idea. My sons would love this event too! they love hockey and throwing things!

  5. You're signed and sealed for your marathon! Way to go!

  6. Congrat's!! I'm up for a post race tailgate... :)

    Where are you getting the blue gloves?

  7. I'm


  8. Can I take a rain check? Definitely will put this on my radar for 2012, but it looks like my 2011 is going to be a year of slow recovery and building post-injury. My next marathon will be next November.

    How does it feel being registered for your first marathon? :)

  9. Holy crap, Ive seen alot of things thrown on to the ice. I have even thrown a few (more than a few) but that was insane. That was also the most crowded Juniors (non) play off game I have ever seen.

  10. We are very excited to host you and your crew Neil! Will get back to you shortly on tailgating logistics! We love your enthusiasm and are honoured to be your first barefoot marathon!

    Your feet will be bare...but your hands will be covered. Look forward to you joining the BMO Blue Gloves Alumni! :)


    2011 BMO Vancouver Marathon Social Media Team

  11. @ Kevin: I am really stoked for this event. DW has called some of her contacts and has tentatively confirmed some sponsors. My Local Coffee shop (see sidebar) is ready to commit to the event too!


  12. Calgary Hitmen! Are you kidding me! That name is AWESOME. Dude, that venue is packed - for 16-20 year olds playing hockey. My native California brain does not compute the situation. Regarding Vancouver, I need details. Is it flat, fast? Email me. I may need a Plan B BQ race.

  13. 1. The teddy bear toss was AWESOME
    2. What great seats you had
    3. Your son has the same name as my youngest
    4. Your son has your nose.
    5. That video made me get all tearyeyed.

  14. NEIL! So I saw this thing on yahoo's front page and I thought....hold on a voila! It was your dang video!