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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weather Fail


These guys SUCK!

And, the viral video of mine is at almost 600,000 views…


  1. I understand they're pretty bad at picking lottery numbers too.

    Awesome video Neil - I like the quality and the effects - what tools did you use to compile it, and how did you film it? (Plus how did you get Youtube to not compress the quality out?)

  2. holy freaking cow - you took out word verification.


  3. You mean there were no flurries? Bummer.

  4. Please move The Fam to San Diego where we will be BFF's and you can run barefoot on the sand. We wll start a Rough Riders Fan Club and pick a bar where we can watch all the games.

  5. *sniff* I want to chris... that sounds so nice.

  6. BF Neil--Registered for the Marathon.... Congrats!! Me too. St. Louis in early April. I can't get over temperatures you deal with. Makes our 22 degrees and windchill seem balmy.

    FYI--I'm using Hal. Its been a little of a struggle so far. Some hip/right leg issues but Hal has guided me through my other two marathon so I kind of trust his plans.

    Good luck with your training and Merry Christmas!