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Sunday, December 19, 2010

To Do List

Been busy. Here is my list of things to blog about this week.

  1. I made a video, maybe you heard about it?
  2. Said video is making people happy. So many amazing comments inc:
    1. Kermit
    2. Little girl tossing bear on lady’s head
    3. WV Mountaineers hat
    4. How much people hate my editing
    5. How much people like my editing
    6. Andrew is a cute little guy (thank gawd)
    7. Restoring peoples faith in mankind (no kidding!)
  3. Trending trends in Viral videos
  4. how not to make any money for a viral video
  5. distrust in people who email telling me how I can make money for a viral video
  6. I made a training decision for my marathon
  7. I have super news regarding my foot/ feet in general
  8. Christmas is coming (did ya notice)
  9. Santa in a G-string in the shower
  10. The weatherman is stupid
  11. Running. And more specifically- When I’m not running, i’m eating.
  12. Martin Parnell has ran 240 marathon distance runs this year.
  13. Contests
    1. An Awesome Gift Basket for Calgarians and a littler but still awesome gift basket for everyone else…
    2. GU sample packs and a Cool Kids Tech Shirt!

That should keep me out of trouble.


  1. I made a bacterial video once, but just as it was taking off, some other douchesatchel made an antibiotic video that killed mine dead.

    Next time, I'm gonna make an ebola video because nothing can kill that, not even a Kanadian In Bare Feet Stomping On It And Pelting It With Teddy Bears.

  2. Santa in a G-string in a shower? Could you expand on that?

    #11 ha! whenever I postpone or cancel a run my feet carry me to the fridge. No kidding. It takes a lot of will power not to open the door.

  3. When are you going to tell us the good news about your foot/feet in general? This is Teaser #2 already.