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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What? I’m here… I’ve been THINKING about blogging at least…


Lots of stuff to get through, so lets get at it…

Mustard Bath Winner! but first, here is the list of movies that were submitted as tear jerkers. Wow, that would make for a depressing weekend…. ugh.

  • Karol, The Man Who Became Pope
  • Beaches
  • My Girl
  • Blackhawk Down
  • Green Mile
  • Romeo and Juliet starring Claire Danes (Susan: thanks for that)
  • The Notebook
  • The Lakehouse
  • Gladiator
  • Love Happens
  • A League of their Own

55 Entries as follows:

image image image

And the winner, as chosen by, is!!!

Orange Blossom!!! Yay!!!! Email me at nzeller at shaw dot ca with your addy, and I’ll get this right out to you! *WoOt*


The boy (he’s 3 years old remember) was watching Milo and Otis with his Mom today. Mom looks over at boy and sees that tears are streaming down his cheeks as he watches the movie.

Mom: What’s wrong sweetie?

boy: Milo is floating down the river, he’s getting far away from home…

Mom: It’s ok, he’ll get home, I'm sure!

boy: he’s just getting so far from home…

Mom: do you want me to turn it off?

boy: no…

Once the cat got out of the box and out of the River, the boy was ok. Until mom spotted him crying again a little while later when it’s dark and owls are hooting all around Otis.

Mom: What’s wrong sweetie?

boy: It’s so scary…

Mom: do you want me to turn it off?

boy: no…

All in all, the boy cried at a few scenes throughout the movie but insisted he watch the whole thing. This is the 177th time he has seen this movie, but the first time he cried. He watched it a second time time today, right after the first viewing, but didn’t cry at all… hmmm.



I ran yesterday.

  • I met run buddy Darren at the Good Earth Cafe at 6:30
  • There is a foot of snow on the ground, compacted some places, cleared others.
  • Most homeowners are really good at clearing their sidewalks.
  • I ran in double layer wrightsocks and $3.99 aquasocks
    • This footwear combo was fantastic!, I actually liked it better than Vibrams.
  • It was my first run back from the Half on the 14th.
  • The first 3k felt fantastic
  • Bad news though, during the last 2k, I realized the injury in my right foot is still there. I thought enough time had passed as there was NO pain walking and doing everyday things, but but by the time we finished up the 5k, the injury was back. I am thinking fracture. I’ll go see the Doc in the next couple of days for an X-ray.
  • Very upset. the run felt FANTASTIC!!! I forgot how much I loved running in the snow and cold… disappointing.



Hey, slow down… What do you want from me?

Is there a particular contest that you liked from the past? If you had a choice of contests to run before Xmas, from me, what would it entail? Let me know I’ll see what I can do! (My DW will be providing a Gift Basket Prize for local Calgary readers, so If you don’t follow yet(click follow button on the left), you should now, so you know when the contest starts!), there may be an additional prize for non-locals… because DW told me to because I’m nice like that.



I need ideas on what i should do with some of my GU Island Nectars Roctane. I have a lot. 46 of them to be exact. I am keeping 24 of them in my stash, but the others will be up for grabs in various ways. There are no more of these in the world, so please consider my options carefully.



Speaking of DW and her Gift Basket company, GettaGift! , she has just received a shipment of Mint Chocolate GU and Vanilla Gingerbread GU, that come in a Holiday 6pack for $14.10 +shipping. email me at nzeller at shaw dot ca for details. We have Spibelts, Ryders Eyewear, All sorts of GU’s and BondiBands. Combine your order and get free ground shipping on orders over $50.00, payments via paypal.

GettaGift logo 1


Um… We plowed snow 7 times in the past 10 days… wow… That kind of excitement never gets old.



Remember my rant blog? The one I took down, about the 5 people that it took to put up an informational sign. Well someone took offence to my Blog, and told me to get my facts straight.

Thanks for those photos, but you do not have all the facts. This is a City Links crew - an employment training and work program. Most of the trainees are new Canadians, who are trying to gain work experience - their pay is in lieu of any EI earnings they would receive looking for work. Part of their role is putting up signs to promote the Snow Angels program - another civic good neighbour program encouraging able Calgarians to shovel a walk for a senior or someone who cannot do their own. Here is a link explaining the City Clinks program.
This program also serves over 900 seniors who cannot do their own grass cutting, painting and repairs in their homes through the year. Funding for this program is in partnership with the Feds. So before you jump to conclusions and think you know everything about operations, get your facts straight.

First of all… I never check the facts on this blog… for all you know, I am a shoe-ed runner that runs 3hr marathons, but I am making the whole barefoot, overweight, bitch’n complaining, plow monkey business up, just to get some free GU and a headband. It’s my blog, and I’ll write whatever the Eff I want… read the disclaimer at the top.

Secondly, here was my mad as hell response tapped out on my Iphone, while sitting in my plow truck(have YOu ever done that? A long email on the Iphone? terrible way to send a mad email. Btw, never send email mad, it’s never worth it, except sometimes) to the one, the only and world renowned ‘Anonymous’

That's fine. How about instead of training people with our tax dollars, how about putting up the work for us very hardworking contractors who are already paying our full amount to the tax base, who with enough work will hire unskilled labour, with real money to do the work. Plus, how many resources were utilized applying for these federal grants?

It seems to me the program may actually be a Positive benefit to the good will of the City only. The people you have working in lieu of EI benefits are being taught incredibly menial skills and are being shown that it is ok to work unsafe and drive ignorantly. Do you think new people to Canada would not be able to move snow out of the way and set up a sign?

Thank you for your insight, Anonymous, I am even more riled up at the nerve of you coming here and commenting from your high horse. I can't even imagine the cost to the taxpayer base to manage a program like this, from city hall. There are real people, who pay full taxes, that are struggling to make ends meet and all you can come up with is 'get your facts straight?' I would LOVE to see the FACTS on this program.

But that is all in the past now as I took down all this from my Blog, so no one ever has to see any of this again. In fact, you are not actually reading this right now. ZZZTtTZTTZZ… I zerbert you. You remember nothing…



Can you tell me what TV show the line : “I ‘Zerbert’ you” came from?


No matter what, in your everyday life, if it seems like stuff is just too difficult to comprehend some days, that the sky is crashing down, Just keep moving. DO SOMETHING. A runners analogy is ‘One foot in front of the other’.

I promise you, if you just do something this day, possibly a very tough day, you will get to tomorrow, and just by doing SOMETHING, you are making tomorrow better. Just do enough to get to tomorrow. Do the things that get you to the next moment, and you’ll see that the next moment may be the one you’ve been looking for. Honestly, you don’t have to make any decisions, you don’t have to be happy about it, you don’t have to make friends, or smile or even eat (for now), just do something that takes you into the next moment. You will thank yourself, and the next moment will be right there. It might be a good one, so keep on going!

(ed. note: This is just a thought I had in the last couple weeks, dealing with some challenges within the economy and business atmosphere we occupy here in our little chunk of the universe)



That said. I never got to do a Thankful post on Mercan T’giving. I have 1.5 Mercans in my household, so I should do this! right?

  • I am thankful to my Wife and my Son. I am nothing without you. DW you saved me, DS you made me.
  • I am thankful to my Parents. My Mom and Dad put up with my shenanigans for a very long time, but I can now count them both among my best friends.
  • I am thankful to my Sister. (Did you know my Sister has Cystic Fibrosis?) She was never supposed to live past 3 when she was finally diagnosed at 2. She turned 38 this past July. You are my arch nemesis (like all older sisters are), and I would do anything for you!
  • I am thankful for my struggling company. Dad and I create incredible masterpieces for our Landscape Clients. It is the bane of my days, but it alone has afforded me the lifestyle to kiss my Son goodnight, every night except for 10 nights that they were in Merca to see his other G-parents. That is 1215 nights out of 1225 possible that I could be there to hear my boy wake up and look in his eyes and tell him I love him.
  • I am thankful for the Internet. I met my wife here 15 years ago (do you remember the Internet then?, does 9600 Baud Dailup sound familiar?). I have this blog, which truly is changing my life, along with Barefoot running. Can you imagine me without barefoot running? I would actually have to be witty! or good looking! or fast! yikes, glad I barefoot… it’s the easiest option.
  • I am thankful for all of you, readers, you make me laugh everyday and pick me up when I am down. I can count on you for perspective and inspiration.
  • I am thankful for the Local running scene too! I have met wonderful people! Some who run REALLY fast! I think while I heal my foot, I will see about volunteering for some races, just so I can be around all of you… I love racing!!! (HAve I said that before?)



Stay tuned for READER  MAIL, in the next couple days! Submit your questions!


  1. for the 2 hundredth time ... nice pictures

    ... sorry for the Roughriders thought they would do it this year

  2. The term Zerbert was officially coined by Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show in the 80s when little Rudy asked what the action was (which we always called a rasberry) and he made it up!

  3. Dang Susan beat me --- I'm a die hard loyal BC fan!!!!

    I love the photo of wife & son. Those ones always get me.

    The blazing orange leaves - insane. love it.

    I'd like another contest to take a stab at winning a "cool Kids" shirt.

    I like me a good shirt.

  4. Just for the record I try to not watch tear jerker's!I like to watch comedies because I hate walking around sad from a movie. LOL!! Great photos!

  5. That shot with the autumn leaves and mountain was so beautiful it looked like a painting.

  6. Um. This might be one of my favorite posts. I'm not sure why, but it is. On, on.

  7. A) This post gives away how your mind works.
    B) Love the picture of the mountains- put it as my desktop background at work.
    C) Milo and Otis! I always worried they wouldn't make it home. If he cries at that, don't let him watch The Land Before Time for a few more years. I was so sad when Littlefoot's mom died.
    D)If only my BF knew about the "sports" gift basket- it would be an awesome Christmas present.
    E) Just because you're not a mercan doesn't mean you can't be thankful. :)

    Anyways, back to other things.....

  8. Great post. Anyone that sends something anonymously isn't really worth listening to. Love all the pictures. Great advice on counting our blessings and what we are thankful for. Truly we all have so much don't we. Hope you get some more snow, sorry you only got to plow 7 days
    instead of 10 :)

  9. My kids loved Milo and Otis too. Classic film. Unfortunately they also liked The Brave Little Toaster which made me somewhat homicidal.

    I'm so sorry your ankle is still bugging you. Please take yourself to the Dr. and get it checked out.

    WOW look at that amazing pic!!

    I don't know about old contests, but my gosh the walkers and ghiradhelli look soooooooooooooo good.

    Roctane island nectar: give them to me. My dh loves them.

    No, I cannot tell you that.

    Nice thankful list. =)

  10. lucky man, I LOVE the Island Nectars but blew through my stash :( Guess I have some sucking up to do...