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Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Curling Vlog report!

Had to fill in for my BIL. I haven’t curled in 4 years but it was more fun than a barrel of monkeys on a Tuesday! Curling is one of those games that you have to actually play to appreciate so I made this video. Hopefully you enjoy it and if you have any questions I’ll do a special Reader Mail on anything you want to know…

Also to finish my thought about why I don’t go barefoot while curling. 1. it would be very cold… 2. it would melt the highly engineered pebble on the ice and everyone would get mad at me… (you have to watch the video to understand…)

I took a few pictures too! Yes, the little green camera went curling!

Inglewood Curling club has a very cottage feel to the clubhouse… Quite a cool place to relax après curling.


The playing field… 6 games can be played at one time at this nice facility.


The weapons. Each ‘rock’ made of Scottish granite weighs about 40lbs. They are numbered 1 to 8. There are 4 players per team, the lead shoots rocks 1 and 2, the second shoots 3 and 4, the third shoots 4 and 5 and the skip(the boss) shoots 7 and 8. Each stone can have subtle characteristics while sliding down the ice, so it can be important to play the same rocks in the same order, in order to be consistent. got it?


A coin flip starts the game. Winner gets to shoot last rocks in the first end. Very important.


The action is intense!! wow!


Foot update. No update. The doc hasn’t called yet. I’ll call him tomorrow. I have to tell you though, that he was less than impressed that I run in my barefeet. I think he is mad at me.


  1. Tell your dr that at least you do curling in shoes.

  2. Fun video! People down here make fun of me for curling - I was "Junior Curler of the year" when I was 11! Of course now, I don't think I'd do so well at all.

  3. This bad Canadian has never curled. Can you explain your strategy of wearing a sun visor at an indoor rink in December? :)

  4. Hey Neil,

    Your hat tag was sticking out. Was that your mom curling with you? If so, she rocks!

    Unfortunately, there is no where to go curling around here, except for on the Wii ... which I rock.

  5. I curled once...I figured as a Canadian, you have to try it at least one time. I didn't fall down (win!) but had a some serious soreness the next day.
    ....and we had beer after. That's a win in my books.

  6. Um. I still know nothing about curling.

  7. Reason #231 why I don't live in Canada. Just joshing with you I'm sure it is super fun?!

  8. Curling?

    People actually curl?

    People actually curl who are not 80?

    People actually curl who are not 80 and on cruise ships?

    Wait . . .I think that's called something else?

    You teach me something every. freaking. day.


  9. oh and check this made my 12 days of Christmas . . . I know, I know, you are SOOOOOOOO [not] excited.

  10. That was fascinating. My 5yo watched it, riveted. =D

    Blow your doc a raspberry.

  11. I think this is the first time I've seen curling outside of the Olympics! ; )

    Actually, I learned recently that there's quite an active curling club nearby here in Maryland. I do think you should try b.f. curling just once.

  12. So if you haven't been curling in 4 years did your butt hurt the next day? The last time I curled was in PE - good Canadian curriculum - and that's all I really remember about it... it was fun, but it hurt my butt.

  13. great stuff! i forwarded this link to my Mom. Mom and Dad love curling. i think i mentioned that before. anyway, good stuff.

  14. For all of you who have never tried should try bonspieling...thats like party curling all weekend....and then you really should go to a Brier (Canadian Superbowl of Curling for men and women)...thats about a full week of bonspieling...way cool eh Neil!!!!

  15. You haven't curled in four years? Ha, what a bad Canadian you are. Heck, I've curled 3 times in just the last six months.