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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Post Mortem for my 4 days of Internet Fame.

You do NOT have to read this. It’s just a post for me to be able to re-read the highlights of my fun Viral Video. For those who live in a hole and haven’t seen it. This is it.

Also, I promise to get to the Marathon Training plan details, as well as the good news about my foot… soon.

First. It’s over. My internet fame was fleeting at best, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted. My favorite parts included the nice comments… There are some pretty funny comments here too!

  • epic man. you have a very cute son. oh, and BTW, your video was featured in yahoo.
  • What a great way to teach the youth of our country something as simple as giving back to those in need....GREAT FUN!!!
  • That looks surreal! It's great that the Hitmen do that - for a great cause, and it looks like so much fun! Well done with the video as well!
  • This is a pretty awesome event, and a bouns that the guy is wearing a WVU hat, go hockey and go eers!
  • That is awesome! I love that your son didn't throw that bear to the end! I wish our local hockey team would do something like this. Thank you for sharing this!
  • You're an awesome Dad guy. =)
  • DUDE...just L.M.A.O.
  • I laughed, I cried... well done.
  • i cant stop laughing at 1:05 hahaha
  • That's a beautiful kid you got there.
  • Andrew is so adorable! Hahah.
  • This awesome that calgary came out and did this. Makes me proud to be from calgary!
  • Has nobody mentioned his hilarious Canadian accent.?!!?! About = Aboot
  • If  Peter Griffin was there he'd toss over Meg
  • Seriously, how can someone not like this video? It was really cute! And what an awesome idea for helping out sick and needy kids!! Way to go folks of Calgary!
  • saw my city trending and I had to click this. This is so cute! I love how it's going to a good cause too! :D
  • @1:33 A little girl throws a bear about 1.5 feet and it hits a womans head. Pretty freaking hilarious!!!!!
  • why aRE THEY throwing the bears on the ice ???????
  • @nzeller1010 I seen a few but you gave a good look around and getting your son up top to throw it over was great..Awesome video...
  • I think its a great video- a really unique way to spread Christmas cheer to those who need it most.
  • This video made my day. Also, the tan bear flying at 1:52 is just hilarious to me. Sidebar, Andrew is super adorable !
  • OMG!!! Is that boy too precious or WHAT? Thank you for this most AWESOME post! (Andrew, Mommy and John Malkovich..tough HOCKY boys, and ALL)....LOVE the Holiday Spirit!! Peace & Love~ ♥
  • the subtitles were a little flamboyant
  • canadians are strange.
  • I'm proud to be Calgarian... For today. xD
  • I'm a grown ass man, and this made me cry.
  • Well done guys I'm sure there were a lot of happy kids in Calgary after this.
  • awww.. you can tell he wanted to keep the bear
  • at 2:57 i thought that you were going to throw the poor kid over with all the teddy bears lol good video
  • Merry Christmas from Dallas, Texas! This is by far my favoritest video! Good job!
  • Actually, they're teddy POLAR bears, so they were just being returned to their natural habitat.
  • This is why Canada is awesome.. GAWD I WISH I WAS CANADIAN!
  • How can you not like this video? video was great! Thanks for sharing
  • On of the GREATEST things I've seen! Thanks for posting it! I wish more organizations would do stuff like this.. Perhaps our society would be better off if everyone were this thoughtful.. Thanks for sharing and God Bless you all!!
  • Awesome video man, you son is adorable love that he threw the bear. Also awesome that he was there to see it, something he should remember.
  • What a great video. Thanks a ton for uploading.
  • Well done, sir! Good makeup job on John Malkovich, too. I wouldn't have guessed. [;-)]
  • Oh my goodness, I'm sharing this to Twitter!
  • Read
  • How neat!
  • I even talked my husband into watching the video. He hates the computer but loves hockey. :)
  • This just perpetuates the stereotype of Canadians being really nice. Way to go, there eh!
  • Maybe it looks dumb, but my son has been the receipient of those bears twice for surguries he needed, and they still hold a place of honor on his bed. He's nine now and doing fine. Maybe we'll have to go to a hockey game and 'pay it forward'.
  • OMG...did you see all those stuffed animals piled up in the first row floor?? What an awesome sports tradition!
  • I enjoyed the Barefoot production and Andrew’s toss. (by nzeller1010)
  • wow way to seemed alittle love was in each bear thrown.i wished more love was thrown around in this world.may GOD bless each and everyone of you.PEACE AND GOODWILL TO ALL MEN(AND WOMEN).MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO ALL.
  • so awesome, that guy in the 2nd video shoulda been chucking the bears lying at his feet over the glass though, if you're gonna sit in the front row you have to do your part!
  • That is some of the most obnoxious video editing ever.
  • It was submitted by an amateur who was there with his wife and little attention before you bring out the grinch.
  • The little boy in the 2nd video was adorable!
  • that kids awesome w a pretty cool dad...a lot of kids would freak but you handled that well
  • Great idea for a great cause!!! And the two players punching each other in the face while all the good little boys and girls cheered them that's not the christmas spirit. Really, fighting on teddy bear night!! Instead of the penalty box they should make them skate the rest of the night with a Tickle-Me-Elmo under their arm!!!
  • image
  • In the world of @#$% news, this one story brings a nice happy smile to my face.
  • LOL that is great, love the green Kermit flying past among thousands of teddy bears.
  • That was the best video I've seen all year. Wish I were there!!!
  • good for the kids!! Nice hat btw. Lets gooooo mountaineers!
  • lmfao...that is the tightest siht ever
  • what a wonderful idea! i especially like the way the toys were being tossed from the high seats into the low seats, then being vaulted over the safety glass. pass 'em down :>
  • image
  • This is amazing! It actually made me tear up!!
  • Proud to be human!!!!
    that was awesome!!!!
    GOD i LOVE Hockey....and its fans!!!
  • wow, nice to know im not the only one who got emotional watching this!
  • Good going, dad. He was building an early foundation for Andrew to recognize charity. Hope the tradition continues from one generation to the next.
  • after seeing news stories of the wars and the politics and the who which celebrity is dating etc. its stories like this that allow me to keep a little bit of faith in humanity. i dont care what country its in, or which sporting event its at, or which teams they are there to root for. what I see is people supporting people. wish it was ALL that simple, but its good to see that some of it is.
  • WTH is that green thing twirling through the air at 1:07 in the 5-minute video? If you pause it, you can also see a flying pig. That was hilarious.
    That's really awesome, though. What a great idea to help kids!
  • LOL that flying thingy when you pointed it out made me laugh so hard! It's just so random!
    That whole idea is awesome.
  • @#$%. Made me tear up bigtime too. Lol, gotta love it. Peace.
  • Too bad the dad was rocking a WVU hat during the clip. Otherwise, great idea and cute kid.
  • Super! Seeing the players help that was cool and the kid in the video got it better than some of you douches.
  • That is the cutest dog gone thing ever I want to do that!!!!
  • My heart grew three sizes this day.
  • it looked like he was gonna toss the bear and the kid over...lmao
  • I'm tired of hearing about the economy, unemployment, the war, bickering political airheads and wikileaks.
    This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.
    Most people don't understand hockey fans, but hockey fans definitely understand charity. 'Tis the season....
  • That made me like Canada a little more, but it's still not enough to forgive them for Justin BeaverGreat video.
  • There was one last week at Las Vegas Wranglers and I thought that was crazy. That poor kid could've drowned. Death by plush
  • That was amazing, i heard about this on the radio the other day on a local country station. Suprisingly enough i live in California and this was the "lead" story for the day instead of some baseball or football crap. I think this was the first time in my life (while living in california) hockey was discussed on the radio before baseball, basketball and football
  • It could be that I'm just hormonal, but this brought me to tears!
  • that is such a good idea! ...and its completely adorable.
    i love how they show a fight right before the teddy bear bombing...
  • This is one of the happiest sights I've ever seen!
  • I love this! I can bear-ly keep from crying! Such a sweet and thoughtful tradition. Looks like the fans are having a blast! (Hope most of those are polar bears, too cold on the ice for grizzlies!)
  • This is one of the best clips that I have seen all year. This made my day.
  • it's 2:00am right now in the Detroit area , and i got a smile on my face, thank you,
    p.s. not a lot to smile about in the news. this was great.
  • I have never seen such an awe inspiring site before. I'm not a hockey fan but would like to be on a night like that. That was sooooo coool.
  • made me tear up...that's just amazing and generous!!
  • image
  • nothing wrong with this all for a good cause but you knew it had to be canada.. And the Dad wearing the WVU hat thats what Im talking bout just graduated in May..
  • What a great event.... how much fun that little one front and center must have had.
    And what a good thing it wasn't canned corn for the food bank!
  • i truly loved and enjoyed every bit of this video--THANK YOU for your time and creativity--it made my day much happier--MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  • the video made me laugh so much.
    it was great seeing THAT many people willing to give something !
  • It's awesome in the video you see the mother and dad shielding the kid and then he shows just beside the mom and the bears must be 3 feet high. Awesome.
  • wow. I live in the desert FAAAAR away from hockey...but I got a little choked up. Those are some dedicated fans. What a great tradition and charity
  • That is so heartwarming and thanks to the gent for crafting the video. I hope everyone on the way home swung by Tim Horton's for a well-deserved cup of celebratory coffee. Way to go, friendly neighbors to the north!
  • Who saw Kermit the frog flying at the camera at 1:07 on the video....made my day.....still laughing. Great tradition!
  • Andrew did NOT want to let go of his bear1
  • its nice to see them having a good time that young didnt want to let that bear go at all he said they have enough they really dont need mines too too funny n cute
  • image
  • Before I understood the reason for it, I was obnoxious of those fans to throw all of that on the ice. Then I read about it and it made me smile.
  • That was a Fantastic Video, Great Filming, good to see America still has a heart. Also
    funny film credits very witty little John Malkovich throw in that just made everything.
  • Ok. that's ridiculously awesome. too cute and the bears are given to kids for Christmas. win
  • Love hockey, but for first time in my life it brought a tear to my eye. Way to go guys!
  • LOL at 2:10 in the video the kid looks terrified. The dad's like "did you have fun" and i died when i saw the kids in terror.
    But at the end he looked happy though, so that's always good.
  • That is about the best example of mass kindness I have ever seen. Also, it looks so fun
  • This is the most adorable, fantastic, awesome thing i've ever seen. It's so original. I never heard of the teddy bear toss. Now that us Americans know about it, I'm sure we will adopt it and see it happening at various games here in the states. I hope so. It's the absolute best way to make a game more fun.
  • image
  • Now THAT was the absolutely the most AMAZING thing I have ever saw !!!!! This truely touched me !!!! I want to see more of this going on in America ,and other nations as well. GOD BLESS THEM ALL
  • THAT looked like the funnest moment anyone could ever have!!!
  • I never heard of the Teddy Bear Toss. That video is was like it snowing Teddy Bears...very cool!!!!!!!
  • this one of the cutest thngs i've ever seen at a match! check that 2nd vid's creds...daddy, so funny and i'm so glad no teddy bears were hurt! (4 SURE, hockey does not any trouble from stuffed animal rights advocates)


Here are snaps of the highlights as commented.

The true hero was Kermit committing suicide.


The snake actually flew like a rocket! it was awesome.


This is (obviously) my favorite part of the video… The boy making the famous ‘toss’



Teddy bear toss FAIL! Girl in pink pants WHACKS the lady in front…

image image  image

I also snipped some of the Highlights from various sources around the world that picked it up.

This was the moment it all started. Click here for the original story. Look, the story is #1 of 52 on the main Yahoo page ahead of the Kardashians Christmas card. This was CRAZY to see this here. I got this email from Keeley shortly after.

NEIL! So I saw this thing on yahoo's front page and I thought....hold on a voila! It was your dang video!

Yahoo Page

“The second video is funny”


Ok, Hollywood, you can call for me, my wife or my son, it does not matter!


Yeah, it was cute wasn’t it.


The number ONE YouTube trending video at one point…


Rockford Ill, Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte, San Antonio, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Canada and many other places: All trending in the top 10 for a couple days! like the obnoxious editing said, Wow!


More coolness…


2nd most viewed video in Canada this week!

 image image   

Too much fun… Andrew watches the video everyday and just loves it!

Ok, so if anyone reads to the bottom of this, Prove it! Leave a comment and tell me if you think I was right to get rid of those Ryders clear lens glasses or not.



  1. You were totally right to get rid of those glasses. Totally.

  2. Oh man I saw this video. I didn't realize it was you. Awesome.

  3. "Death by plush" - lol. :)

    Yes, those were not flattering. Kind of looked like you were wearing a nose plug.

  4. Love the video and am really pleased for you that you got to have a moment of fame. You were SO right about the Ryders - They had to go!!

  5. Maybe I'll do a post of "how I followed Neil" over this time! You are famous!

  6. I couldn't stop reading :)
    Those glasses have got to go...!

  7. Good for you...happy holidays!!!

  8. I seem to be a bit of a running gear hoarder so I probably would have kept them for something as well.

    They DO look pretty dorky. :)

    (and I read through the entire thing. What was it with the negative nancy's on yahoo!?)

  9. The glasses - I think not. =)

    I loved reading this post. SO exciting. #2!!!! Awesomesauce.

  10. Im supe happy you got rid of those shades. read this-

  11. what a great idea to help needy children. glad you could capture it on film and share with the world!

  12. Great recap of your fame. Glasses need to go or change the lens.

    Mustard bath arrived today. Smells heavenly. Thanks so much.

    I thought that it was cool that you held Andrew up with one hand. Great job, Dad!

    Have a Blessed Merry Christmas there, eh!

  13. The glasses are a little dorky. Can't wait for the next viral video.

  14. Yes, excellent choice ditching those glasses.

  15. I like the glasses! They give you character. Video was great. Glad you enjoyed the fame. Don't forget about the little people....

  16. Been a little absent from the blogosphere... saw the comments about the vid (and heard a mention on the radio), but this was the first time I watched it! Great summary!

    And yes, those glasses are way to big for your face... not sure what that implies, but there you go.

  17. should I be asking for an autograph?  And yes, good call of the clear lenses.

  18. I've never been on your blog before- a friend just sent me the link to this post. Loved the video and loved this post with a summary of all the coolness that came from it!! Now I want to know more about you and check out the rest of your blog!