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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dr in the morrow…

I am going to see Dr in the am. Problem is my symptoms have gone away again. I told Traci I need to go for a quick 5k run to aggravate the injury again so I can report to the Doc properly. She said no. I had a massage on Friday. As she was working my lower legs and feet, it was quite telling that I had been favouring the right foot. Very tight left calf on the back outside, very tight right shin on the front right. As I mentioned in the last post, I tend to supinate on the right side. She asked me about the tightness in the bottom of the right side of the right foot, I explained about my running injury and she agreed it was partly due to the ankle rolling outward and probably more to do with the impact I took here. I figured. Knowing the injury has apparently been slowly healing while not running gives me good hope that I’ll be able to run again soon.

Wish me luck at the Doc’s.

Andrew and I went to a 4year olds birthday party this afternoon. We had fun. Coming home, the sun had set over the mountains and the view was ridiculously stunning. I didn’t have my camera though, but I was hoping the light would hold out until I could get home and go on ‘assignment’. Nope, missed it. It was almost dark by the time I got to my spot (the same one I took the sunset shots the other day) Ah well, I gave it a shot anyway.

When I took a look at home I was happy to see I got one that turned out pretty nice. For locals, this is shot from the ridge in South Cranston, looking at Chaparral Valley, Chaparral and over to Shawnessy at the very south edge of the city, and off to the Rocky Mountains about 50 miles from this spot. I can see your house from here El Torro!


Here is a sat map with the field of vision of the above photo. You can see that I am representing a very small section of Calgary in the pic. The bottom yellow line represents about 50 miles. That’s how close we are to the mountains. The red asterisk is approx where I ran my epic trail run with Lorne back in August (and yes that is snow on the ground (read: august) if you go read that story).


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  1. Good luck with the doctor.

    I love the colors in that picture.

  2. You've been rockin pretty steady for a while now. A little pause might do you some good. Or at least think of it that way while your foot rests up. You've been neglecting your sloth training!

  3. Hope the dr will tell you it is nothing serious. Good luck.
    Love a good sunset picture and this one was really cool.

  4. Good luck at the doc's.

    Being told to take the horrible winter months off from running outside wouldn't be bad, though.

    Of course where you are, winter goes from September to July.

  5. AGAIN ---just [ha] freaking amazing. Love it.

    Hoping the dr. aptmt goes well.

  6. I wish you great and complete healing and recovery!

    Wow, I can't believe I missed that post about the "Bam!" and the "Pain." I thought I saw every single one of your blog posts. How did I miss that?

    I sure hope things are back to it's best very soon!

    Frances aka "Barefoot Fresca" (still haven't straightened out the multiple google names thing)

  7. Good luck with the DR. If you told to change you shoes run away.
    Try working the tender spots for a few days get right in there and dig. Very light stretching.

  8. So you're from the Cranston area? Next time I make it to the motherland, I may harass you enough to let me tag along with you for a run. I usually stay at my sister's place in Cranston.

    Hope the foot turns out not to be a stress fracture - I saw on facebook that you were headed for an x-ray. (I thought I had a SF at one point, but luckily it turned out to be "extensor tendonitis").