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Thursday, December 16, 2010



So my inbox went freaking crazy today. It was because of this article that included a youtube video of mine that many of you have seen already. It’s one thing to be included in Puck Daddy’s blog –very cool- but it’s totally another for said article to be featured on on the front page! Look at the snip I took at Yahoo earlier today. #1 of 52 feature articles at one point today, and just ahead of the Kardashians *WoOt**wOoT*

Yahoo Page


What does that mean? Well, it means a WHACK of emails today, posting comments directly to the Youtube Video and also reading the 700+ comments over at the Puck Daddy Yahoo article.. It’s been a very heartwarming afternoon and evening, filled with bursts of all out belly laughing! (the occasional dummy on there sorts of irks me, but they are so few…)

Oh, guess what camera I shot the video on?

AND, I also got crazy good news about my foot today. I can’t wait to tell you about it! Josh, you are going to like this!



  1. Oh man, please share the negative comments re video. Seriously, what is there to not like? "Teddy bears suck, dude. My team throws lacy undergarments on to the ice. WAY cooler."

    Re news about your foot: the doctor said you stepped in a radioactive puddle, and now you have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Foot. Now some rat guy wants you to go find someone with sharp fingers, and kick him with it.

  2. Andrew is precious. I am impressed that he parted with the bear.

  3. And I knew him when he was 'just' barefoot neil ...

  4. Cool stuff - you and your family are "da fam"!

  5. I gotta tell you the truth. When I first saw the Teddy Bear video posted the other day, I didn't watch it. I saw the thing and said, "Okay, I get it: they throw Teddy Bears, his kid threw a Teddy Bear. I don't have to watch."

    But today, because of your fame, I had to go over and see what I'd missed. Boy oh boy! I should have known! Barefoot Neil Z would never just make another run-of-the-mill Teddy-Bear-throw video. What a production! You made it so fun that I'm never going to skip watching another one of your videos again. I can see why it got chosen to be in the spotlight. You really have a great way of showing people how to enjoy every experience and that little boy is really lucky to be seeing life through his Daddy's eyes!

  6. I think I'm getting some run-off traffic - my Kelly's Prize video has almost 300 views and two mean comments suggesting I'm mentally unstable.

  7. Just saw it listed on the U.S. edition of CNN in the Latest News sideline. You're famous!!

  8. You are amazing and a superstar! ...that little boy of yours is just so precious. I'm also totally impressed that he parted with his teddy bear. You guys are wonderful parents...I love the wonder in his eyes :)

  9. This is still so crazy that your video caught on that way! Truely the def. of viral.