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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today, December 19, 2010. Millions of Kids are scarred for life.

Now, if you clicked on this link from google or wherever, and you are looking for Naked Santa in a G-string, in the shower, then GO AWAY! This blog is not what you are looking for.

That said, there is a photo of Naked Santa, in the shower, wearing a G-string. BUT IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK, you pervs. leave now pervs.  NOW!

The rest of you; here is the whole story.

So, we buy this really cool advent Calendar from Walmart… “what?”.. An advent calendar? oh right. Ok here:

Advent calendar essplaned.

SO we buy this really cool advent calendar from Walmart for Andrew. The best part is it’s a Lego advent calendar. I don’t think you can find a cooler secular advent calendar out there.


So, on Dec 1st we opened the first door, not knowing what to expect. We got a freaking AWESOME snowman!


We were pretty stoked to see what was next. So from Dec 2nd to Dec 16th, all is good and great and generally pretty amazing little Lego gifts every morning. Here is the coolness!

Cool Toys! (the sword came with a little kid, that I posed elsewhere in these pics). The wagon in the middle is actually a train car, that we think has more coming in the next couple days. Isn’t that fire truck the cutest little Lego you have ever seen?


There was a Business man complete with Briefcase! and comb over!


A Table with chairs, and on another day a Lady with a Loaf of bread! Yeah! French Bread! The coffee cup came from another set. I thought it belonged in the staged photo shoot.


A Fireplace one day, then a sofa the next. Cozy huh? Serge seems to be really enjoying it!


An axe and a log sled (with Logs) I can’t remember where the hard hat dude came from. The rat actually came in the Lego Train we have.


Skateboard park and Skateboard dude, complete with helmet!


Puppy and cat, along with a food dish and 2 wieners. Lego wieners.


And my 2nd and 3rd favourite items! These are unreal cool aren’t they?


Ok, then on the 17th day, we get this. I didn’t know what it was. I thought shower at first, but it couldn’t be. Why on earth would there be a shower in a Lego advent calendar. Is it a street light? There must be more to it coming in the next day. must be. I was right.


On Dec 17th. Naked Santa. Seriously. His beard covers his moobs. And I think he is wearing a g-string or he is a sumo wrestler in the off season. Ok, so this little naked Santa, along with the scrub brush confirmed that the Dec 16th advent gift was actually a shower. Seriously, do kids aged 4+ really need to see this? Or are there a limited number of these that were specially made, like Wonka golden tickets!?


For your viewing pleasure. Naked Santa in the shower wearing a g-srting.


Wash, then rinse.

IMG_8582  IMG_8585

Santa is a prankster too! Here he is showing his good side out the window of the Lego train.


Ok, enough of that. Well, maybe there’ll be a naked Mrs. Claus and a Haystack coming out of the calendar in the next few days!

Don’t forget to share my viral video with all your International Friends. I’m trying for Japan, but I’ll take Poland, Australia and anywhere else! Help me push this sucker over a million by Christmas!

Thanks! Oh, by the way, I refused all the shoddy money offers that came with internet success. I just couldn’t bring myself to help sell the amazing pile of shitty products that wanted to advertise on my video. Very shoddy stuff indeed. Like I said on my facebook today, ‘It’s like winning the lottery, except there is no money’. Still, it’s been incredible fun!


  1. My boys used to like the PlayMobil Advent Calendar but we never had no stinking shower or naked Santa. We did have a fully dressed Santa but that poses a problem mooning on trains. You Canadians have all the good stuff!

    That teddy bear toss was AWESOME - I've never seen anything like that. Ever! What a great cause, though. And um yeah, your son is just super cute!! :)

  2. Ha ha ha. Nearly-naked Santa mooning from the train had me laughing out loud. What I'd like to see is Santa mooning from the sleigh while flying over the North Pole. I'm sure his 'cheeks' would get a nice glow in the cold.

  3. Lego Advent Calendar?! Bonus points for that find. Bryce's just has nasty chocolates. He has, though, created a sumo style Lego character in his Lego Batman game!

  4. Santa in a g-string: only in Canada!

  5. OMG, this is seriously TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!

  6. LOL! I could barely swallow my coffee while reading this because I was laughing so hard!

    Awesome on the video!

  7. Holy crap! That santa is effing hilarious. Who thinks of this stuff?

  8. That lego calendar is awesome! All those little things are perfect!

  9. That calendar is awesome... even down to the naked santa, actually that just might be what makes it so awesome. Did you notice how trim Santa is... no wonder he's prancing around in a thong for all to see.

  10. That is hilarious! I want that advent calendar! BTW I got the photo yesterday (thank you) will blog about it as soon as I can.

  11. That is hilarious. I'm glad Santa got his behind scrubbed clean before the train picture!

  12. This is my favourite post so far! I am going to buy myself a LEGO advent calendar next year!


  13. It's Sumo Santa!

    So while everyone is spreading Neil's Teddy Toss video, be sure to check out that weird clay whistle/head thing with feathers video on the suggested list. You don't' have to watch it, just leave some nice comments. It would help my self esteem a lot.