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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just stuff

First of all. If you don’t blog for a while, don’t make your first blog back one about how it’s been so long since you blogged. Just let us know what’s up and pick up where you left off. And don’t feel bad if you miss some blogging time. I like reading your blogs, like you like reading mine (I assume/hope/think), and if you can’t get to the computer for a while, then that’s ok. Obviously something else in your life has taken priority. Good.

Second. I am running with Martin tomorrow! Yeah! Go back a post and read all about it!

Third. We made these tonight. Yaaaaaah-UM


IMG_8933IMG_8937  IMG_8934 IMG_8935 IMG_8936

And this. There should be a song written for how good my first real shot at Vietnamese cooking turned out!


Fourth. please check here to see if you won a prize, I think only 2 have been claimed so far…

Fifth. I plowed snow last night. I downloaded a pile of podcasts to listen to, including Adam’s from the Boring Runner. They were quite good! Check ‘em out at Itunes. (search The Boring Runner).


Seventh. Goodnight.



  1. Yum, salad rolls! Please bring those to Vancouver with you...

    (to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb)
    Neil's salad rolls look really good,
    really good,
    really good.

    Neil's salad rolls look really good,
    there's shrimp and carrots inside.

    It's a craptastic song, but there was no specification as to how good it had to be. :)

  2. I'm impressed... those salad rolls are tricky to make, yours look pretty good!

  3. I can't Lie. Traci rolled the ones in the pictures. My first couple attempts looked like a wet squid sandwich.

  4. @ Alanna, your song is in first place so far!

  5. The rolls look great. I'd be happy to take an extra prize if no one is willing to claim them :)

    Have fun on your run tomorrow!!!

  6. OH I so want to make those!!!!

  7. Oh I love spring rolls !!!!!! so fresh tasting. Have a great interview and run with the king of miles. God bless that mans heart for others too.

  8. PINK FOOD SCALE! PINK! I can't stop looking at it. What did you make?


  9. those spring rolls look amazing and all that food looks to be gluten free :) Inspiring for me since I am in a food funk and am bored with my limited diet. This gives me hope!

  10. Ang, they are 100% gluten free. I'll post the recipes!

  11. PLEASE don't tell me you got chinzy with the ingredients and measured out each shrimp! What the what?!?! LOL!

    Hope you have a fun NYE! Off to check out the Boring runner music :)


  12. That food does look good. I ate popcorn for dinner. Great start to the new year --ha! It's all good.

  13. These rolls look yummy. I think I just found inspiration for future dinners.