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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Off to plow again…

I have a number of blog posts to get to, it’s just  that life tends to get in the way. To hold you all over, here are some things I saw today.

I like snowdrifts.


My view today out on the highway.


Unsafe to take pictures at highway speed, but they tend to turn out pretty cool.


Whoops! The sun went down yesterday and the highway south of Calgary all of  a sudden turned into a frosted layer of ice. In a 10 mile stretch there were probably 30 vehicles spun out into the ditch like this.


I just kinda liked the windswept industrial look of this one.




That, my loyal readers, is Calgary Smog. this kind of yuch happens when a layer of very cold air traps a layer of warm air at the surface. While it feels very nice, it makes things kinda dirty around here. The actual name is an ‘inversion’. IMG_8352

I am off to plow up the slush that used to be snow. The warm weather makes a big mess of our lots, so we get to plow them on nice warm nights. YAY! Tomorrow is the Grey Cup (Canadian League Superbowl, and my team is going to WIN!)


  1. Wanna know how those cars ended up in the ditch? High speed photography! :) LOL :)

  2. Sorry about your Stamps...hope you are cheering the big green Machine Sunday. Thanx for the great read

  3. Oh jeeze man...duhhhhh..went back thru earlier posts and seen your outfit...did not not know you bled green so sorry for the Stamps callout....I was born in PA so the green fever never leaves...try to explain it to people but they don't get it. So once again, my apologies, GO GREEN, have some frosties and enjoy the boys kick'in AC plowin the yard lines????

  4. The snowdrifts are beautiful! Nature's ice sculptures.

  5. Wow, those pictures were so beautiful that they took my breath away.

  6. Gosh Nellie, Ur so funny I could just spit...

    Shawn, no biggie, Iv'e been called worse. Someone once called me a P.A. resident. Boo! haha, I grew up in North Battleford.

    Char and Green Girl. Glad you liked them. I was in knee deep snow to get these pics! Fun!

  7. You sure keep busy. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.