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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Poster Contest Poll!

Remember this contest? The one where the winner gets a custom poster?


Well here is the poll where you will choose the winner. I will close this poll on Friday at 6pm MST. Just click what you think of each one. I chose the 10 I liked the best for the poll. It’s my blog. You get to choose the winner out of the 10.

You can do the survey 1 time per person.

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  1. Hooray! One of mine made it. However, I will not say which one to maintain journalistic credibility.

  2. Just make sure the Winner is in So Cal to defray my shipping costs. In fact, since I am the co-chair of this contest, I declare Patrick the winner.

  3. Even tho patrick never entered, Chris has closed the contest and declared Patrick the winner. Thanks for playing and Congrats to all the winner. Goodnight

  4. Kidding, keep voting. Chris has no power here...

  5. One of mine made it! I might have to give it to my dad if I win though... it's kind of his saying :)

  6. Voting update. The scores are totaled 1 to 5 depending on which you pick (awesome being a 5 score). The top 2 are separated by .12 with average scores of 3.75 and 3.87. Ohhh nervous....