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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wall meet Neil, Neil… wall.

At the 18km mark I hit the wall. I went from a 5:40/km pace to a sudden 6:40/km pace. It’s all I could do. What I really wanted to do lay down and cry for a while. I gutted it out. I finally found what my limit feels like. it’s been 2 years of racing to finally take a leap and try to push hard enough to find how hard I can actually push. I know!

Turned out to be my 2nd best Half Marathon time of 2:01:xx

I am VERY pleased with the total effort, but I may be injured, right foot. We’ll see by tomorrow. I may just be race sore.


Full race report later…


  1. Pictures of you lying there and crying would not be pretty so I am glad you pushed through. Hope your foot feels better.

  2. Here's to hoping for "race sore"! Congrats on the race. Nice work pushing through!

  3. I hope you're okay. Congratulations on really pushing yourself - I'm very impressed.

  4. The wall is not a pleasant place - been there, done that, never want to go back. Congrats on the pb though.

  5. Ouch. The wall hurts - a LOT.

    Hope the foot holds.

    2:01 is a GREAT time! congrats

  6. I hope you are okay! Only "race sore." You were brave to push through "the wall." I would have just laid down and cried.

  7. Great effort out there today. Good to have another BFR around. Hope the foot is ok, ice will help

  8. Hate that wall, but with it I'm sure you learned a lot about yourself. Congrats on a good time and I hope your foot isn't anything really injuired, just pissed for a few moments.

  9. I'm sorry you hit the wall - but dude! That's a nice time on your hm there. =)

  10. Yay for a great time! Boo for possible injury. Take it easy and I'll send good thoughts your way.

  11. Hey Neil

    I was great meeting you yesterday at the race. Thanks for the picture. You made my day.
    Sorry, didn't realize you hit the wall. I would have stayed with you the rest of the race. I was waiting for you to pass me.