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Monday, November 15, 2010

Part 2 of the Poster Contest, Winners!

So here are the players! Thanks for your entries. There are 2 winners for this part. The first person drawn will get to choose the photo of their choice, from anywhere on this blog, and then Chris K over at BQorDie will have it printed onto a canvas art paper in a size of 13”x19”. You also have the option of having your favourite inspiration quote printed on the photo too! He will then send it to you! this is a cool prize that will be very nicely suitable for framing! I wish I was getting this prize. A second drawing will be for a Cool Kids Run Club Tech Shirt!


Winner 1image Congrats Adrienne! Go pick a pic!

Winner 2image Congrats Jarrett! Email me with shirt size and address. nzeller at shaw dot ca

Here are some all new, never before seen pics for Adrienne’s consideration! Click-em for bigger.

IMG_5067 IMG_5249  IMG_6933 Storm over shepard oct 3 830pm 2

So I will be putting together a survey of all the submissions for the Part 1 of the Contest in the next day or so…

Good Night! btw. the foot still hurts… it’s usable, but just barely. Dr. tomorrow.


  1. Very sorry to hear your foot still hurts.

  2. Take care of that foot. Hope it heals fast.

  3. Hope it's just a bruise or something easily fixed.

    Gorgeous photos!!!

  4. O MY GOSHERS!! Are you kidding me!! This is so RAD, RAD, RAD!! I know what I'll be doing tonight when the littles are tucked in bed....trying to decide which awesome picture to pick! Thank you thank you thank you Neil and Chris--you guys rock!

  5. oh my! that last pic, I that's God showing off. Beautiful!

  6. I'm glad my buddy Jarret won. He could use some good news.

  7. Just wanted to let you know that I have one of your pictures as my comp background. It is storm over shepard oct 3 830pm. very cool.