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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Just because it’s been a tough week and I am now feeling very smug about my current location in the mountains and my current relaxed state of mind. I chose to share these photos that I took outside the condo while walking the dogs.


Just to prove it’s not a stock photo from somewhere…


And one more… just because I’m like that… it’s how I roll.


9 hours to the race (7pm Start). Nervous energy starting. We are having Hamburgers for Lunch this aft for my Dad’s B-day Celebration. Thumbs up for pre-race meal? or will it be a colossal fail?


  1. I love those pictures!! I think rainbows are so pretty! :)

  2. I might just change my fav for the photo contest. That third one is beautiful!

    Have a great race tomorrow!

  3. Breathtaking. Good luck with the race. Don't worry about the burgers. Just have a good time.

  4. Amazing pictures! And as for the burger... one of my friends SWEARS she can only PR when she "carb-loads" with a hamburger. Good luck & enjoy!

  5. That's just a gorgeous place you're staying in.

  6. That's really pretty - you should photoshop your family in there for a holiday card :).

    Good luck tomorrow - enjoy!!!

  7. Long time no see.... beautiful pictures. Wish I were there.

    Good luck with the race.

  8. I don't think we live on the same planet. I only see views like that in pictures, your pictures to be exact. Good luck on the race!!