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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It actually get easier…

the more days(nights) in a row that we plow snow. Routine is very important for an efficient night, where you don’t go crazy going back and forth keeping the worlds office workers fancy shoes dry for their work day.

Do I ever get a thank you? Does anyone ever say, wow! that plow monkey did an amazing job, the cuffs on my dockers never got any snow on them as I walked from the car to the office door this morning.! Would a greeting card with some random flowers on it be too much?

no. I think not.

All it takes is: “thank you plow monkey, thank you for your back and forth, moving the snow from where I park  to somewhere else”

The worst part of the job is when we are plowing a HUGE snowstorm and we are still out there when commerce opens again for the day and we get to dodge people who are trying finish their caffeine fuelled 2 hour snowstorm commute, and just decide to park their right where I am headed, leaving me no choice but to pile the snow up against their car doors once they head into their warm cushy office.

Anyway. I’m not bitter. really.

Here you go, commuting office worker. I did this for you last night.

Snow pic 3

It would be polite of you to say thank you. Don’t you think? I bet your effin barista got a thank you this morning and all they did was pour you a $6.00 latte.

I’ll take the Garmin tonight (forgot last night) and the heartrate strap, as well as the little Green Camera for some in-truck video and grumpy half wit commentary. And maybe some singing.

Running blog content. Someone went running somewhere today, look at the list on the left. Especially his and hers… they are both really good blogs. over there. Go. And, sorry for the delay in getting the ‘Original Inspirational’ contest survey up. As soon as it stops snowing, I promise it’ll be up…. ..

And it’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas… this is through the living room window. I like the reflection of the lamp. It looks warm and cozy…


We are back on the plow route at 8pm tonight.

I am thinking of this while I plow… just to stay a little sane while going back and forth…



ahhhh… much better.


  1. That looks nothing like my sort of Christmas. It's so beautiful!

  2. That lamp reflection is so cool!

    So much snow already...ugh. So far we're clear, but I just know it won't last. I'll remember to thank the plow monkey :)

  3. thank you, plow monkey!
    as always, good wit and humor on a serious subject. there are far too many important people who go unnoticed, and far too many "un-necessary" people who get TOO much credit (hello, Effin Barrista!).
    be careful out there. kinda lookin forward to some video...

  4. You know what, Neil? We do often forget about all those people who make our lives easier. So I want to thank you even though it does not ever snow here. Really, thanks.

  5. I'm sitting here freezing my butt off with my toes hurting they're so cold - and I'm in TN where it's a million degrees warmer than where you are now. You have my respect.

    When we lived in MI I never thought to thank the snow plow guys. (Though honestly that was because they would throw a wall of snow up right in our driveway that would freeze and we'd have to spend hours chipping away at it so we could get the cars onto the road). I'm sorry about that. Thank you for plowing the roads nice and clean while the people in your neighbourhood are warm and snug in bed.

    Oh that beach pic. Ohhhh...Oh to be warm...

  6. Once, when I was maybe 12, I was out shoveling our driveway. It was a big storm with heavy wet snow and I was getting nowhere. But just like that, a guy with a plow took pity on me by backing up into our drive and giving me one nice long wonderful clearing push. I appreciated that very much. So thank you to all the plow monkeys, wherever you are with the Ford F150's ready to go at a moments notice. And F the baristas they are lame.

  7. Well, look at it from the other point of view. Most of us never see the parking lots getting done. Some of us see people working a Gravely on the sidewalks in front of those office buildings, but talk to them? No. Why? Because they're bundled up three ways from Sunday, wearing hearing protection, and are totally focussed on their work. All we'd be doing is slowing them down, keeping them from getting back inside again.

    Today I saw a plow truck, and in the back with some ramps was a quad with the cutest little blade on the front.

  8. I'm with Char on this one. Totally unknown to me.

  9. I have to qualify tho, my baristas freaking rock!!!

  10. Nice thing so far about Colorado Springs.. it snows but it melts! LOL You photos remind me of growing up in New York.

  11. And Keith: I believe you are flawed on your thinking. I guarantee everyone likes to be appreciated, no matter what.

  12. Okay, here's your appreciation:

    Plow monkey, plow monkey
    A standing Ovation!
    You might end up a human flunkey
    If only Evolution
    Were true.

    But it's not.

    Plow monkey, plow monkey
    You're my fav'rite ape
    That sweat makes you smell funky
    But you're really good at rape-
    -ier-like witticisms
    No, wait.

    That's someone else.

    Well? What do you expect when you make fun of those of us who DO wear shoes?

    ..keeping the worlds office workers fancy shoes dry for their work day


  13. Um. Well, when I was yooouuunnngger.... We used to stand on the corner and flash the plow guys. So I try to think I did my part.

  14. Glaven, that poem is awesome! And Kate - hahahahhahaaaaa!!! Fabulous. =D