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Thursday, October 21, 2010



GU for you Canada!

RoadID for everyone, 2 of them up for grabs…

I received a pair of size 6 Yurbuds today. I will run with them for the next couple weeks and let you know how they are with a little experience.

My initial take on them after trying them while sitting at my computer for an hour this afternoon is that they ROCK! I totally didn’t understand them before they got here. They don’t snug into your ear HOLE, they actually fit into the funnelly area just outside the earhole (I am sure there is a name for that area, I am just lazy and won’t Google it) . BIG difference. I have always hated normal earphones as they try to plug my ear. These don’t. I can still hear surrounding stuff quite well, and the sound quality that comes through them is fantastic.

I am actually charging my shuffle right now, as I am STOKED to try these little gems out on a run.

Sidenote: My wife always told me I had small ears (don’t say it) for my head size (don’t say it), and she was right. Out of a size scale of 5 to 10, I am a 6.

Random photo! Are you excited? looks like a big deal to me! Maybe we should stop in and see what all the hullabaloo is about!! See the picture at the bottom of this post for the awesomeness we encountered at the tent sale!!


OK, from the last couple posts, here are my favourite reader mail submissions!

Keeley’s comments on This and That,

  • OH my GOSH a small chicken pita is TWO POINTS? Dang that's amazing.
    • A: It would be amazing, except my DW informs me it’s 6, apparently still good.
  • What's your goal race then, huh? =)
    • A: Can’t say, Secret.
  • What's with the gnomes?
    • A: it’s an illness really, what else could it be?


One Crazy Penguin says on This and That,

  • That last gnome looks like he's ready to jump. Don't do it little guy!
    • A: he did, then the dog ate his remains.


Darkhorse3010 asks in the RoadID contest post.

  • Hey Neil, I like the ID for the kids, but how do you keep him from taking it off? I know my girls would have that off in a minute or less.
    • A: I just strap it to something he can’t really reach, like a belt loop. They are only 2 so once your girls get a bit older, they’ll dig having accessories. The boy won’t go anywhere without his hat and glasses!









Tent sale! Party Time! WOoT!!!!!




  1. Is that patio furniture? And does it really need a tent if it's meant to be outside?

    I assume the Brick ads in Alberta are just as annoying as the ones in BC? Right now ours is for a crappy deal on a mattress, but they'll throw in a crappy tv with it to make you feel better...

  2. The fact that it's in Salmon Arm a) makes it make more sense and b) makes it even funnier. :)

  3. "Patio furniture"?

    Isn't that the punchline to the joke: "What's Irish and comes out in the Spring?"

    Why don't you answer that one in your reader mail, Mr Big-Head-Small-Ears-We-All-Know-What-That-Means?

    (Personally? I don't think you have a big head. I think you have a Tiny Girl-Body.

    (Feel better now?)

  4. Bwahahah on the huge tent sale!

    I can't wear earbuds - they don't stay in my ears. Curious to see how you like the yurbuds - I've been tempted to try them, although I'm in my own world enough while running (shoot, 3 deer were following me down the sidewalk last Saturday and I didn't even notice) that it might not be a good idea for me to shut out any more.

    Cute, cute dogs!

  5. Hooray! I was one of your favourite reader mails! Bummer about the pita being six points. I was thinking that was stinkin' amazing that it was two. Oh well.
    And your dogs are ridiculously cute.

    Man, I'm totally geeked out about that awesome tent sale.

    I do not know what big heads and small ears means. Could someone enlighten me?

  6. 1 Customer in the parking lot and 2 employee cars. Boy, you'd better hurry up before all the good deals are gone!

  7. Oh my, your dogs are just too dang cute! They really look like they're a little mischievous though?? Ooo, maybe that's a mailbag question (crossing fingers. I just wanna be famous and get my name in print). Happy Weekend!

  8. Those doggies are too cute!

    new follower here! added you to my blogroll =)

  9. Are those your dogs? They are gorgeous!

  10. Super cute dogs. And the small ears thing is good since they are one of the few body parts that keep growing. Just think, they'll eventually be in proportion to your head.

  11. Ha! I remember the hype around the Brick's Tent Sales, but I never bothered to go (mostly because I didn't move out of the parents house until I moved out of the country, so I obviously had no need for my own furniture). Is THAT really what I was missing out on?

    (BTW: I have a set of yurbuds, and they are the only thing that can keep the apple iPod headphones in my ear while running)