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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ryder Eyewear… and Gil.

I received my pair of Hex’s from good guy Chris over at Ryder Eyewear just over a week ago. I have been wearing them all over the place now. My Oakley’s, while fine for running, aren’t the most comfortable for everyday use (fit or style). I am really enjoying my new glasses and out of 4 different pair I can choose from when I leave the house, I always look for the Ryders. I still can’t understand how they can be as inexpensive as they are for what they are. For 40bucks I have a new fav!

The deets.

  • Black on Black, can’t go wrong. Lots of other colors, even girl colors.
  • The tinting of the lens is just right. Not too dark that you heave to take them off in cloudy of lower than full sunlight conditions, Not too light that they are ineffective
  • Very comfortable
  • Ran half Marathon on Oct 2, had no issues with shifting, falling or fogging.
  • very light on face.
  • Very stylish, makes me seem cooler than I really am. I like that.

DSCF2459 Suntech Optics / Bugaboos Eyewear

Can’t wait to see the new models for 2011!

GIL !!!

You are my faithful readers, my favourite people and my stalkers. I enjoy your company and your wit. I have something to give to you that you will appreciate for as long as Gil is around, so without further delay,

Heeeerrrrrreeeeeee’s GIL!

Just so you know, Gil has an alter Ego named Colin Hayes. His running blog is every bit as entertaining as his Gil bit. I wish I had the talent and sense of humour to pull this off… don’t you? wow…. Enjoy! Make sure you go to his blog and say hi!

Get to know more about Colin in this exclusive interview with … well… GIL!!








Thanks for your comedy Colin!! It is much appreciated here!


  1. Thanks!
    Making my wife proud, since 1995.

  2. Good laugh. Laugh is healthy. Thanks.

  3. Gil frightens me. Please make the bad man go away!

  4. I am a huge Gil fan. Huge. Is he from Canada? C'mon, I kid. Neil, those are some sweet shades, maybe you should send them to me for being such a good Follower.