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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reader Mail!!

My day was pretty mundane, just looking after normal stuff. So Let’s go back and look at some old questions in the comments. I am not the best at answering stuff in comments anymore, so this should help.

Regarding the 5’s in the last post:

Adrienne writes:

“k pic with black feet looks a little creepy yet cool at the same time.”

Anne says:

“Like the VFF photo...”

Ewa notes:

“Hey, these are my VFF's!”

A: “a little/yes cool, Thanks, and No they’re not”

An American response to the Canada only GU contest:

Laurie states in a part of her comment:

“I want to be a cool kid too”

A: That’s easy. Buy the shirt. $30.00 plus shipping. Email me with your address and have the money ready. I promise, you’ll be cool. Send the money now. now.

Overheard at the 2010 *10-10* Virtual Race results page.

Shelley ponders:

‘Hey Neil, you sound like a Canadian! Who knew?!?’

A: no doot aboot it. Loonie, toonie, beaver, maple syrup, cold, molson, sasquatch, RCMP, moose, prime minister. We invented basketball, the telephone, Ryan Reynolds and the wonderbra (I think i got all the Canadian stuff right, What do YOU know about Canada that u’d like to share?)

Chris K questions:

“So I won a "CR" hat? Does that stand for Chris Rocks?”

A: no


So that does it for another edition of reader mail, thanks for playing. Please submit your questions about any topic you are curious about here in the comment section of this blog or email me at nzeller at shaw dot ca . I promise I might look at some of them and get back to whoever I want to. Catch me on a good day and you could be the lucky recipient of wisdom. Just like today's winners above.

The awesome photos of the day were taken on May 22, 2010. So now you know why I am so sad we got very little summer. It’s because winter is forever.  We actually have 4 seasons up here. Winter, Waiting for Winter, Is this still Winter? and construction.


Hey, the rental canoe was paid for…


See the green grass below?

IMG_1356 IMG_1371

Yes, we were leaving. First time we ever left a campspot due to weather. We have camped in LESS snow, this was just too much. I know, I know… what a wussy…


Goodnight readers!


  1. That's serious cold! It's cold like I will never know living in a subtropical environment.

  2. Hey! I'll be running into Canada on Sunday during the Detroit marathon. I'll wave to you.

  3. Ohhhh my gosh!! And I'm sitting here feeling hard done to because it's 55f and I'm freezing to death. Oh my gosh that looks sooo cold.

    In other news, those pictures are absolutely beautiful. Stunning.
    Also, I like your camper.

  4. After 14 years in SF Bay Area I still cannot get used to the natives calling our Dec-Feb winter. This is when our grass turns green again and some trees start blooming. This is when I am more than happy to drive for hours to the mountains to see the real stuff.
    As usual, your pictures make me want to step into them and enjoy the beauty.

  5. I just know that one of these days we're going to see a video of you barefoot in the snow. I know it! It's just a matter of time and waiting it out.

  6. I say chesterfield instead of sofa...isn't that Canuck?
    No more winter pics..I AM NOT READY!

  7. I looked back in my blog archives and last October, by this time, it had already snowed three times. I'm not ready. I'm NOOOOTTT READYYYYY!

  8. So funny - here in 'murica, loony toonys are cartoons, up yonder, it's money. Thanks for spouting all the Canadian stuff, but you forget Michael J. Fox! ;)

  9. Wow. What beautiful pictures. I am very jealous.

  10. Not that I necessarily want to share those fabulous prizes with our American cousins, but I though we had a Free Trade Agreement? Does it not cover Virtual Race prizes? I believe there is an American Consulate in Calgary. All of you Americans should protest!

  11. When I was in Victoria a few years ago (does that count as Canada? I puked on the ferry over, if that helps any; seasickness and I are pretty good friends) I ate my weight in those little sugar maple leaf candy. Who knew heaven could be found in a maple leaf!

  12. I have a few questions:
    1) Do you think the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will climb out of the East Division cellar?
    2) If my CR hats doesn't stand for Chris Rocks, what does it stand for?
    3) Why would The Green Girl be jealous of living where it's cold and snows?