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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Results are IN!

According to the response for the 2010 *10-10* Virtual Race here at the CoolKids blog, readers of this blog are AWESOME!

1010 VR

Thanks to everyone who played! It was great fun reading everyone's stories and emails! Here is the list of finishers.

  • Jamoosh
  • Andrew Opala
  • DarkHorse3010 and then he did another 1omiler!!
  • Mark U. completed WELL over 100 miles!!!
  • Shelley Didn’t die. I think she wanted to at one point, but she didn’t. This is a pretty incredible race story!
  • Paul!! First Barefoot report! a 10 Miler in Calgary!! 
  • Canadian Runner changed the rules. ok. 18k is allowed.
  • Chris K says I owe him an Ipad for his 1k effort, what do you think?
  • WalkslikeFox had a great VR! Even some barefoot!
  • Diana finished hers! 1/2 in the dark too!
  • Emily (EMZ) finished her 1oomile race… wow! This included a 50mile ultra!
  • Kelly finished, and then added another 1ok
  • Kate did her mile! and it was a mile of HILLLS!
  • Tammy C is Done!
  • Susan W is Done Too!
  • Mariea is Done TOO!
  • Adrienne is done! She changed the non rules, but ran a bunch, so Good on’er!
  • Kovas kicked Chris’s Arse!!! in that 1k deal they had…
  • Happy Dan did 5 1ks.
  • Tammy S did her 10k+10k+1k+.1k!
  • Staci completed a 100k and 2 1ks!
  • Zoe!!! Zoe ran her 1mile. 36 WEEKS Preggers!!! wow…
  • Adam N finished his! AND he rode his bike down into the park to say Happy B-day today!!
  • OrangeBlossom completed 10miles of her half marathon for lil ol me…
  • My Mom finished her 10miles after thanksgiving dinner!!!
  • See, you can sign up yesterday and complete today. Candice did!
  • Gene finished his too! On the Appalachian trail.
  • Anne tested her foot and completed her VR! great!
  • BarefootLorena in Mexico completed her 1ok today by running a 5k race!
  • Lorne completed less than he planned, but thats ok!
  • ShebaJC did 2 10k’s 1 1k and a .1k! Nice job!
  • Joanne Finished hers!!
  • Alanna had a marathon to finish her race
  • I know Silly Girl Running ran her 10k, injured no less
  • Zaneta did a super job on hers, sick and everything!
  • Barefoot Angie Bee ran in Grand Rapids!
  • C2Iowa ran 10k
  • Heather had a great day! she saw a deer with a car seat in its antlers.
  • One Crazy Penguin ran a Half marathon!
  • Jill took care of business too!!
  • Darlene Ran hers!
  • RJ got in under the wire!
  • Barefoot Fresca ran hers at the NYC barefoot run… Stilll SOOOOO jealous.
  • Glaven Q. (warning as always, PG27 language)

    Good stuff indeed! I took all the names, put then in a spreadsheet and cut them up and put them into a bucket.


    So, in the following video are all the winners. it is your responsibility to email me at to claim your prize. Most will need physical addresses, except for the YurBuds and RoadID winners, we will only need Emails at this point.

    Congrats to everyone who won and to everyone who played! This made my 10.1o.10 a ton of fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

    image  It’ll be SUPER fun!

    Without further delay: The winners! (the first one to make fun of my Elvis-ish bedhead wins nothing… nada, zip)

    1. Cool Kids Tech Shirt – Darkhorse 3010
    2. Good Earth Coffeehouse gift pack – My Mom
    3. Cheecha Snax pack – Darlene
    4. Cool Kids Tech Shirt – Candice
    5. Ryders Eyewear – Heather
    6. Cheecha Snax pack – Happy Dan
    7. Ladies Tech Vest – EMZ
    8. Bondi Band – Canadian Runner
    9. Brooks Goodie Bag – Susan W
    10. Amphipod Water Bottle – OrangeBlossom
    11. CR Hat – Chris K
    12. RoadID – RJ
    13. Run Cuff – Adrienne
    14. SpiBelt – Glaven
    15. YurBuds – Barefoot Fresca
    16. Parking Laser – Jamoosh
    17. GettaGift Goodie Bag – Anne
    18. Cool Kids Tech Shirt - Staci


    1. WOOHOO!!!!! I am so excited!! Thanks so much to both you and your lovely wife! I love how you do the draw and how you involve the whole family. This is just awesome :) :) Thanks again!

    2. Well, rats, I didn't win! I mean, CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!! ;)

      Hey Neil, you sound like a Canadian! Who knew?!?

    3. Thanks for organizing this fun blogger event! It's like having a little party on the Internet. Creative and lots of fun!

    4. Awwww man no win for me. Awesome event.
      I am in for next year.

    5. Ahhh, totally forgot to update on Sunday! Ended up with about 102 miles!!! No prizes for me, but that's okay since I got my first marathon medal instead... Thanks for the challenge. I'll do some sort of race report when I finally get my act together.

    6. Yes! Ha ha ha Kovas. I am a winner. So I won a "CR" hat? Does that stand for Chris Rocks? I hope Andrew fills that pumpkin with candy this Halloween. Oh, and Kovas, I won.

    7. Your race was lots of fun! Thanks for putting it together! I love how the whole family was involved! Even Mickey! :D

    8. Yeah, your MOM won? THAT doesn't smell like a fix. This so-called "Andrew" who's pulling the names looks kinda shady to me. I know I've seen his face before ... Didn't he do time in Sing-Sing for some Ponzi scheme fraud? Or maybe I saw his picture on this very blog before.

      In either case, it doesn't inspire confidence in his honesty. I mean he's a known associate of Kanadians! And here in America, where the Constitution guarantees you the right to freedom of association, we DO NOT hesitate to judge people based on who they associate with. Because currently, we interpret "free association" to mean word association: i.e., "bread" ... Butter! ... "up" ... Down! "Kanadian" ... Shady!

      Yeah. You're free to do that kinda association ...

      Also, compared to my abs? The abs on the chick in this SpiBelt ad look like those of an Alabama Double-Wide Trailer-Dweller who ate nothing but Deep-Fried Chocolate-Covered Bacon her whole life.

      That said, I'd still let her do me. (Offer contingent upon what her face looks like since you can't see it in the ad. She comes with the SpiBelt, right?)

      (Which reminds me: Why didn't you give away a Lifetime Supply of Deep-Fried Chocolate-Covered Bacon as one of the prizes in this contest? It wouldn't've had to've been that much because the average life-span of a Deep-Fried Chocolate-Covered Bacon-eater is two weeks.)

      In conclusion, Woo-Hoo! I won!1!

      In your faces, the rest of you, even the other winners!1!

    9. Woohoo! I won! Thanks Neil for putting toghether such a fun race and for all the fun prizes. You rock!

      Your little sidekick's pretty cute! Love how he sticks his foot up to the camera. Too funny!

    10. This was cool event. Thanks for taking care of business. Hope that you do something like this again.

    11. Nice video. Clearly, Elvis has NOT left the building, nor progressed much beyond sleepy time.

      So let me get this straight...

      You did not have to run 10 of anything, neither miles, nor kilometers. You did not have to do it on 10-10-10. And then there were 18 "winners." With those "winners" were not determined by any skill or competition, but by random drawing?

      Hell, I did not enter, how come I did not win?


      Your son is adorable. I will give you that.

    12. Okay - I like the Canada shirt too. Sweet.

    13. Congrats everyone!! Awesome turnout!
      Love the video...your son is adorable! :)

    14. I can't believe I WON! I WON! This made my DAY! Love it. It was your birthday and you are the one giving. How cool are you!

    15. Woo-hoo!! I won! Thanks for sharing the birthday love with all of us!

    16. This is great man ... I didn't see myself on the list, so does that mean I win the 25th anniversary Corvette?