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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gorilla Run Route, Calgary Zoo

I am running in the Gorilla Run on Sunday. Ok tell me if I am crazy, but does this portion of the race route look a little confusing?


Looks like a LOT of fun!!! I have been to the zoo and know that this portion of the race is quite hilly at times too! The rest of the route leaves the zoo and heads on over to the city pathway system along the river.


Should be a fun Race, hopefully I’ll see Joanne, Dave, Ally, Kelly, Paul, Ron and whoever else is there! Hopefully the weather holds out and I’ll get to go barefoot again! It doesn’t look good tho, as Saturday night has an overnight temp of –1c/ 30f. yikes. Hello Vff’s!

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New feature: Reader Mail:

Zaneta Writes:

um.... I'm moving to canada so I can be eligible! Is there a rule about how long you have to live in Canada before entering your giveaway? ;)

A: “Yes, there is a rule.”

Glaven writes:

Yeah, your MOM won? THAT doesn't smell like a fix. This so-called "Andrew" who's pulling the names looks kinda shady to me. I know I've seen his face before ... Didn't he do time in Sing-Sing for some Ponzi scheme fraud? Or maybe I saw his picture on this very blog before.
In either case, it doesn't inspire confidence in his honesty. I mean he's a known associate of Kanadians! And here in America, where the Constitution guarantees you the right to freedom of association, we DO NOT hesitate to judge people based on who they associate with. Because currently, we interpret "free association" to mean word association: i.e., "bread" ... Butter! ... "up" ... Down! "Kanadian" ... Shady!

A: “The boy is actually American too”

Jamoosh writes:

I am not sure what a parking laser is, but who am I to argue with your benevolence!

A: “correct”

Cool pic of the day.


  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 215.1km
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 45.2km (12 on trails)
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)

    1. Hey, these are my VFF's!
      Zoo leg looks like fun as long as they keep all the cheetahs locked in.

    2. I'm in for the race Sunday. I'm just going to have Joanne leave breadcrumbs for me to follow so I don't get lost. She will be waaaayyy ahead of me, guaranteed!
      See you Sunday

    3. Yep, it looks confusing but there may be method in the madness. You probably get to see more animals this way.

    4. Must visit every corner of the zoo!

    5. How fun to run at the zoo! That is a fantastic idea!

    6. Ok tell me if I am crazy, but does this portion of the race route look a little confusing?

      *SIGH* How often do I have to say this? BOTH of those propositions can be true. And ARE.

      Reader Mail

      Hahahahahahaha! Joke's on you! I don't read this blog!

    7. k pic with black feet looks a little creepy yet cool at the same time.

    8. How long is this race? From the 2009 results it looks like some people ran 17k while others ran 12k!!?!?

    9. That race sounds cool (but, yes, first leg seems a little confusing)...maybe you can follow Joanne's breadcrumbs along with Kelly :)
      How long is that race?

      Like the VFF photo...

    10. Great pic. Good luck this weekend!

    11. Seems only right that the gorilla needs to visit ever square inch of the zoo.

      Good luck and have a blast. And follow your map and don't get losT!

    12. how did the race go? Any wrong turns??