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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Prizes are mailed!

I think everyone but RJ and his RoadID have claimed their prize and all items have been mailed. Does anyone know RJ? I’’ll give him until Tomorrow Night to claim his prize and then I’ll do a draw for the non-winners.


Ok, here is a puzzler. Shipping from Calgaryimage

To ship a large envelope containing a tech shirt, to image Johannesburg South Africa? $8.95 for 15,790kms

To ship a large envelope containing a tech shirt, to image Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada? $7.83 for 625kms


REALLY? $1.02 for the extra 15,165kms?

AND, again, shipping from Calgary the exact same size box to:

Quebec, Canada $11.96

Texas, Merca $7.77


We, up her in the great white North, are getting SCREWED by the post office.


We get FREE Health Care… so I'm not complaining.

Speaking of a GU Contest for Canadians only, here is my GU experience for tomorrow’s 15.5k run. I will only use 2 gels (one of them a Roctane for the first time) and the GU Brew, but I always take a couple extra, just in case I need it, or possibly someone else might need one.


AND I did take the time and go back downtown to get a MANS tech shirt for the Gorilla Run. Turns out they were one Ladies XL shirt short last night. silly. So, was it worth the hassle? I think so. It was pretty cool, as I was exchanging the shirt, I told the lady that I drove all the way back down to get this because I like it too much not to drive all the way back down. She replies ‘Oh that’s so nice to hear because I designed the shirt’. Heh, you can never do too much handshaking can you. I also gave her the thumbs up for Red, and she told me that her husband was giving her grief about it, saying that dudes don’t like red. I like red.


Have a GREAT Sunday! Did I ever tell you that I LOVE racing!!! Love it!


  1. I love the shirt! Good luck with the race.

  2. Check out the airfare to go from Calgary to, say London UK, and then look at Calgary to Inuvik.

  3. Great shirt...worth the trip!

    Yeah...postage makes no sense here either...sorry Québec is so expensive :) Thanks again!

  4. My gosh! The tree and the cows and the skyline in the handshaking post. D.u.d.e. Awesomesauce.

    The shirt was worth the hassle. =) The shipping charges are nonsensical.

  5. I'm glad you got the right size - that is a cool shirt!

  6. Canadians only!? would me eating nothing but maple syrup for an entire day make me qualify? Kidding kidding.

    BTW, thanks for sticking with my blog while I've been eyeballs deep with work. I appreciate it!

  7. I think I will move to South Africa to help my buddy Neil mitigate his shipping cost for next year's 10-10-11 race. You know, the race where I'm gonna kick Kovas' behind.

  8. Free Healthcare? Ya, check your taxes buddy. Sorry about the crazy shipping costs. Your the best though!