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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A couple things on the day before Friday…

1. I am still feeling worn down. Not really sick anymore, just tired. Going to try and get a good nights sleep tonight.

2. Over at Barefoot Neil Z on Facebook there is a BondiBand to be had. Like me first, then Like BondiBand. Then have 5 friends do the same and then put your name down in the comments of this posting. A BondiBand of your choice to the winner! I already gave one away today.

3. Ok, the statement below might come as a shock to some, as it comes from me. I am not a zealot when it comes to Barefoot running. I don’t preach to the masses. I answer questions when asked, I smiled when I get the funny remarks at races, I laugh with the jokes. I truly enjoy running barefoot and I do it for my very own reasons.


You are not a barefoot runner, if you haven’t run barefoot.

And that's all I have to say about that.

I had this next photo queue’d up for the post yesterday, but I thought it might be too much of scenery overload, what with the Butchart Garden Photos. So here. One of my favourites of my favourites.


And another… My 3rd favourite of all time… If you click on it, it will take you to the original size image, just because it deserves a good, close-up look. especially at the lightning in the middle. It is freaking AWESOME! I stood up on a hill for  hours snapping long exposure after long exposure, just hoping for something special. Success.


There are many others from that night that are ridiculous, especially a series of pics that include a airliner making his way around this storm… here is a taste of that series of pics.



  1. Dude, that sunrise (set?) photo is INCREDIBLE.

  2. Awww man, a bondiband sounds cool, but I don't do facebook. Bummer.

    Rest up; your body's been through a hideous appalling ordeal.

    Those pictures are *amazing* Especially the purple lightning one. My GOSH!!!! Did you fiddle with it at all to get that beautiful purple?

  3. Hope you are feeling 100% soon.
    Your photos, as usually are totally amazing but the sun one beats them all.

  4. Rest is good! Rest up!

    Just before I came over to read your blog, I was reading on the Exuberant Animal Blog that anthropologists say that the "Paleolithic rhythm" was a rough alternation between active hunting excursions and easy days in camp. I think you've gone on enough active hunting excursions to have some camp time.

    My friend, (Athletic Performer Blog)who has been running a marathon a month this year, and throwing in some tri-s and ultras in-between, just took nine days off and she said when she got back running again she felt amazing.

    So, rest, rest, rest (I made a typo on one of those and said "re-set," which isn't a bad idea either) and feel really great again soon!

    Those photos are gorgeous!

  5. You are not a barefoot runner, if you haven’t run barefoot.

    And you are NOT a Kanadian if you are NOT POLITE!1!

    Welcome to Teh USA, brother! Let's dish about those overly-polite Kanadians!

    I dunno who that barefoot comment of yours was aimed at, but I have to say: Lamest. Kertwang. EVAH!1!

    You're no Amurcan! We'd eat you alive.

    (Except your feet because, ugh!, callouses! What have you been doing? Running BAREFOOT!?1!?)

  6. Nice pics!
    Re the barefoot thing (have yet to try it)... I'm dying to ask- do you run fully barefoot in THIS weather? Or do you opt for something like those fivefingers?

  7. Whether it's dumb or not (I'm not sure yet) I run barefoot at anything above about +1c. (the ground has to be above freezing), below that temp, I wear KSO Five Fingers and will use the Injinji Socks as well when it gets even colder.

  8. So am I. I'm using both Classic Five Fingers and Kigo Shel. I actually can't stand running without shoes. I did try it but I didn't appreciate it. It was a very painful experience for me so I totally give up. I know there are health benefits for our body, but what difference does it make if Vibram and Kigo Shel can also mimic the feeling of running barefoot? Anyway, might as well read "Barefoot shoes versus Barefoot running" highly recommended. You can read it here.

  9. The last comment is a live spammer. Fyi

  10. So, for the people who never run in truly bare feet, but do wear minimalist shoes or hearty socks, what does that make them? A barefoot running form enthusiast? A barefoot runner want-to-be?