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Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 Days left!

To complete your Virtual Race. We have a pretty nice lineup of prizes, thanks to all the vendors for that!  Don’t forget to get your report in. It is as simple as saying “I’m DONE!” in the comments, here.

Not much else going on. I did drive by this today.


I have a pretty nice lineup of contests upcoming after the race  including Gu, Bondi Bands, RoadID and YurBuds… so if you don’t already follow over on the left, click and follow so you know when these awesome contests are coming up!

Also, thanks to everyone for the awesome comments from yesterdays blog about the First Aid I provided for Mary Theresa. I am most certainly not a Hero (or superhero, Josh), I only did what anyone should have in the same situation. I was very happy to help her, and to answer Char’s question, ‘Yes’ I did get a buzz out of doing a good thing! It was pretty amazing to be able to help!

Here is another couple of the thousands of photos I need to sift through and organize.

IMG_2212 CIMG0344 CIMG0430 IMG_6201 IMG_4508

How’s that for random!?! If you ever really like any of my photos, just let me know your email and I’ll send you a high res version!


  1. The picture of the Snowbirds flying over Calgary is AMAZING! Great Photography!!!

  2. I'm so going to kick Chris K's butt in the 1K. His Ipad is mine.

  3. hmmm. That last shot of Calgary. I love trying to figure out where a photo was taken from. This one, I'd guess somewhere close NW, maybe top of the bluff in Rosedale or Sunnyside, not far from the SAIT campus?

  4. I'm only 13 away Neil! YAY. Rockin it out tomorrow!!

  5. I'm taking care of it this weekend! Now that I can run...

    About your last both did a great job of helping out...sweet :)

  6. I'm getting there I'm getting there. Again what was I thinking signing up for the 100K. ?? Craziness. Who do I think I am EMZ?

  7. Awesome pics. Keep 'em coming. Please. Man-o-man is Kovas jacked up for that iPad, eh? LOL.