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Thursday, August 26, 2010

What would you get me…

… with the $55.00 from

… is one of the questions you can answer to get an entry for the contest.

So far here are the results.

Keith says: A foot massager thingie might go over well. (ed note. Probably)

Barefoot Josh says the Trail Run I'm going on this weekend should sport these:


My Mom figures I’d like one of these:


And Zoe thinks I’d enjoy these:


Um, well… oh ok…you guys are so right. I love all of it! *blush a little*

Non-run side note. I have a blogging buddy in a different blogosphere who is a National Parks Ranger in Lake Louise. Here is a shot of Ivan at work, tranquilizing, tagging and removing grizzly bears from campgrounds and other public areas! Yikes.


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  1. Is Ivan the one with the gun or the bear? [confused] You didn't make it clear. LOL