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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A good 7…

Jamie led me on the hardest barefoot run I've been on yet. You see, Jamie started running a year or so ago and has probably the most relaxed and easy run style of anyone I personally know. He wears shoes that are too old, too big and tied too loose, but he just runs. Kinda like a barefooter. Is it any wonder that he took his shoes off today and ran a halfa click barefoot?

 Neil and Jaime Thanks Mariea for the pic!

He had been asking all sorts of questions the past couple weeks and today he took his first not-so-tentative steps un-shod. I told him I have no advice for him, that he would have questions and answers from the feedback he gets from his feet. He probably would have ran the whole 7k bare by the look of his relaxed form (he did ask if the little playground pebbles we ran over at one point were supposed to feel like acupressure or if they were supposed to hurt. I said that depends… and left it at that). However; when he answered my questions about how it was feeling, he said he could feel quite a pull in his achilles area, so I advised him to put his shoes back on. He did and at the end of the run tonight he seemed eager to go a bit further the next time out.

We ran quite fast for my standards, but at about the 6k mark he just decided it was time to leave me in the dust, and without any additional perceived effort, he was gone like shot. so. relaxed. i. jealous.

Others in the group are asking about Vff’s and are considering getting some to toole around in during the day, to help strengthen their feet between runs.

If you are considering chucking your togs and have any questions, here are the 2 places I learned most of my skilz.

Yoda – aka Barefoot Josh

The Running Barefoot. – Barefoot Ken Bob is the original super ninja barefoot master! Read all the items in the ‘beginning’ section

CIMG0036 My good buddy HappyDan posted a comment about my newly minted “Stomp of Approval” sticker. He figures I made it up. Maybe I did. In fact, maybe I made all this up and I am just sitting in my recliner, searching for internet acceptance to make up for my colossal failings as a IRL person. How on earth would you know?

You know… *wink*

HappyDan did tell me about his first run in a while tho. made me laugh.

“Hey, I went for a run last night for the first time in 3 months. After 2 minutes I thought I was going to die. I pushed     through and ran 3.2km in about 23 minutes. It wasn't fast but I did it. and somedays I still think running is stupid. “

Some days we ALL think that, HappyDan, Some days. Hah! I shared this comment with run club and they all got a chuckle.

We are going camping again this weekend, no where near any smooth surfaces, so it’ll be running in my 5’s again. Hopefully I can get myself to feel good in them this week (I don’t feel bad, I just miss barefootness). Hopefully the experience from last week will help me prepare better for the vff run.

  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 110km
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 25.8km
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)

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  1. My favorite part about that pic of you and Jamie is the blackness on the bottom of your soles...that look like feet...not runners, FEET! Jamie does make running look effortless...sometimes he runs backwards and is still faster than we <3 Jamie!

  2. The road surface looks great!

    Do you scrub the road off after a run or do you just put your socks on and go to work? ;)

  3. K: They look like feet?

    AO: I go home and take a shower. these runs are in the evening during the week. That part of the run is on brand new blacktop. It's only that spot that is that smooth. Like running on butter....mmmmm butter.

  4. Great pic of you and're both looking smooth with your black soles :)

  5. I think running is stupid on regular occasions! Although, usually it is after I am over an hour in.....

    I don't know what it is about that picture up top, but it looks like you guys were going FAST.

  6. Adam I think the lines in the pavement makes it look like they are running fast...

  7. Anne: Thanks, I think sometime I should put my shoes back on to come into the house.

    Adam: We are super fast, plus the incredibly un-fast shutter on the I-phone helps make us looking like we are jets of runner!

    Anonymous: Stay out of it. no really. (but keep reading this blog, thanks)

  8. Happy Dan. Still THE BEST photo ever. And I agree - sometimes running is stupid. ~El torro...