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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to training…

On the docket tonight was 7k, started at the Good Earth, ran along the ridge above the river and then back through the neighbourhood. The main loop is a 5k run, so we add 2 loops around the pond and that gets us 7.2k. I was feeling tired as I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night, but since it’s social run Tuesday, It was still good fun. I ran with Runner D and heard her story about how running is her way of clearing her mind and managing stress. Isn’t that the case for most us us?

7k cranston

I think most of us are in this for the rewards we get for our health and welfare, and not in it for the money or fame. Even the fastest runners around here have day jobs. Good on you  Runner D! Keep it up! Everyone else seemed to enjoy the scenic route and especially enjoyed the Frappe’s après run!

I had a pretty stressful and tiring day, as I mentioned, but when I run, especially with my mates, it is all good, even if it is only for 49 minutes in the evening, it’s better than not having that 49 minutes.

Lucked out on the weather. There were all kinds of thunderstorm warnings, but by the time we set foot out the door, it was a perfect evening for running.

In other news: I was compared contrasted to Ryan Hall in another blog today. That just seems weird to me, even if I am being cast as the antithesis of one of the worlds greatest distance runners, the blog actually compliments my adaptability – or calls me a duck in a lake. One of the two.

Now Barefoot Josh has taken up the good cause on the FOR side of barefoot running. He should too! he is our poster boy and my Yoda. I could care less at this point to get into the argument. I guess I am involved because I run barefoot and when someone asks me ‘why?’, the answer will be judged. I still don’t care. Don’t get me wrong, I read all the articles and know how I feel about barefoot, but I don’t care to argue about it or tell you you should do it. I get a chuckle from time to time when I read blogs and articles of people who are so ‘for’ one side or the other (bare or shod), that they won’t even entertain the idea it may be good for THAT person, either way. I just want to figure it all out for myself first. Then maybe I'll jump in to the argument. for now, I’ll keep listening and laughing at Yoda’s blog.

Traci and I met for coffee over at the Good Earth this aft, and I brought my camera. Here is what my favourite Coffee Shop looks like to me!

IMG_6216 IMG_6205IMG_6215IMG_6209

  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 95.4km
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 11.8km
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)

running product makers , it’s only going to get better!! Please sponsor me! (Today's special request: NUUN, I want to represent NUUN in Canada. They say they don’t sponsor outside Merca. Why not? Let’s change that!)


  1. running product makers , it’s only going to get better!! Please sponsor me! (Today's special request: NUUN, I want to represent NUUN in Canada. They say they don’t sponsor outside Merca. Why not? Let’s change that!)

    ZOMG, you're turning into such a whoo-wer!

    What do you charge?

  2. Ha, thought you would like that.

    Just to clarify - I'm not advocating barefoot running so much as critical thinking. It could very well be that Mr. Hall needs cushioning to run as fast and as far as he does (although I'm doubtful); but the ball is in his court to prove it.

    I also don't think most elites, especially those brought up in western cultures, would make the transition very well. So RH is probably right, just for the wrong reasons.

  3. Just found your blog.
    No shoe company has ever proven that shoes actually help. Thousands of years of human development prove that we CAN manage perfectly well without cushioning and support. What is there to argue?
    Hope you hear back from nuun soon.

  4. I am with you, Neil, about just being really happy about barefoot running for me and not really coming down on one side or the other, for or against.

    But I know what BFJosh is talking about with the thinking part. I have chosen a couple of other alternative ways in other areas of my life that are similar-type choices to the out-of-the-mainstream one to run barefoot, and everyone thinks just by my making these choices for myself that I am advocating these things for everyone. What I'm advocating is making one's choices with true knowledge and awareness, not just falling into a marketing trap. Not just assuming something is the right and only way to do something because it is the conventional wisdom, or because "this-is-the-way-it's-done" is just hanging in the air and you have been breathing it.

    But I have to remember that the reason I usually stumble on the information and facts is because I've usually had some problem and had to go looking for answers. If I hadn't developed that bad case of plantar fasciitis, I may never have started reading other stuff besides what's in a mainstream running magazine.

  5. Hi Glaven! It's nice to have you back. You get a free one today!

    Yoda: I get it, no need to clarify here. I am losing sleep thinking about winter and running in -30. Makes me sad. That is my big dilemma of the day...

    Ewa! welcome! No arguement here. I hope to hear back from everyone!

    Fresca: I am passionate about lots of things. I think it makes no sense to try to convince people who don't care or know everything already. I got better things to do! So do you!We are both where we are because we are curious and open minded.

  6. I'm running for the fame of it. I already have 8 followers of which two have returned after following! LOL

    Is barefoot v shodfoot really such a battle or are you trying to pump up the volume a little?

    Excellent looking cafe! Plus I like how your route aligns well on the satellite picture. I usually draw the route on the map and then when I click on satellite, it looks like I'm running on rooftops and through swimming pools ... hey that give me an idea ...

  7. I dunno Andrew, I find it a bit ironic that the post I make, saying I don't care to enter the argument, makes me jump head first into the argument. haha. As for famous, start cursing alot and getting banned from places and your hit count will explode!
    Also, I use Mapmyrun and draw the route right on the sat map. much easier as we are usually away from city streets. Now go jump in a pool!

  8. I didn't want to get into the debate about barefoot vs. shod either but when you choose to do something yourself it kind of puts you in the debate by default.
    I think everyone would benefit from running in the very least minimal shoes but barefoot for sure. Over all though, I do what I do because it works for me and if someone is dead set on shoes then there is nothing I could say that will make them change their perspective, even studies stating that barefoot is better.

    You just put yourself out there and plant little seeds of ideas in peoples minds and wait for them to start asking questions. Thats my approach anyways. I keep the barefoot thing to a minimal on my blog since I think that being accepted as a runner first will make it easier for people to overlook our differences and be more open down the road to my ideas. Although I have been being more and more enthusiastically lately!

  9. Nice, now I get to cross off a Bucket List item...I've always wondered what The Good Earth in Calgary looked like. Anyway, why would anyone who wears shoes give a flip what anyone else wears or doesn't wear. Makes no sense to me. BTW, I am one of Andrew's true Followers - I guess I just like that snarky Canadian humor.