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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Because I didn’t get the chance to figure out a way to attach my timing chip tomorrow. We got these B-tags on our bibs instead of a D-tag or a championchip. Oh well, I have like, 8 more races this summer and fall. I am sure I’ll get my chance to use a zip tie around my ankle.


You probably noticed right away that the bib says running room. This is one of the races that they provide the administration only, but is run by the named organization, so I am allowed to run it. I think. As I said in an earlier post, its the Rock the House Run, in support of the Calgary Ronald McDonald House. 

It’s also my first sponsored run. The Good Earth Coffeehouse and Bakery in Cranston (see link top left) were kind enough to support my first barefoot race and I couldn’t be happier. I am so happy I girl’d out and ‘made’ a shirt to wear before and after the race to advertise for my benefactors! Good ol’ iron on transfers!

IMG_6189 IMG_6187

If you are at the race and you see me, come up and introduce yourself, I have coupons for you!

I ran last on Tuesday, as I thought I should taper my feet a bit so I could put in a good effort for the race, but instead I worked my poor feet to exhaustion this week building a nice retaining wall for our current customer. My work boots weigh about 8lbs each and we go steady carrying 45lb concrete blocks for 3 straight days. And I chose this vocation out of all of them to start a company! Ah well, it always looks pretty darn nice in the end. Not the best for my feet though. tired… hooo.

IMG_6177 IMG_6183 

As always, the night before a race, I have no idea how I am going to do tomorrow. I am not nervous, I want to do really well, but I can never gauge my level of readiness. I’ll find out tomorrow after the race I'm supposing.

AND! running product makers, Please sponsor me!


  1. Good luck! Be civil if you see anyone from the Running Room. Speak with your actions! Run well, bud.

  2. Nice shirt. You will make someone a good wife some day and if you hone your clothes-making skills? You might not even have to put out that often.

    Men! All they want is our bodies! They're such PIGS!1! Can I get a "what-what!", girl?

    Also - NEVER tell RBR to "eat it" as you did on my blog because, trust me - you don't want to see that

  3. Thanks Josh!

    Welcome Back Heisenberg...!