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Monday, August 30, 2010

HAHA, I almost forgot…

With about 2k left we were standing over a cliff having a look at the sights and we were talking about a little accident that happened to one of Lorne’s climbing buddies a few weeks ago. Our conversation started onto the fact that we were both carrying first aid kits and that was good. Lorne then says:

“I am pretty sure if anything happened to you, I wouldn’t be able to carry you out. I would just spray a ring of pepper spray around you and go for help”

HAHA, too funny. He went on to say than no bears would cross the pepper circle. Is that true Lorne?

DOMS update: my quads are quite sore today, not to the point of needing help to get up off the toilet, but some soreness going downstairs etc. My feet are nicely recovered, *score*, and I am feeling really rested.

After a day of reflection, here is what I think I learned on this run.

  1. I can use my smaller hydro pack to hold the bear essentials… (see that, bear essentials, instead of bare…)
  2. I can wear less fraking clothes
  3. I can carry less food
  4. I can leave the map at home (the trails in K-country are very nicely marked, even though the sign at the Prairie Link/Prairie creek junction said 4k back to the trailhead when it is 6.2kms)
  5. I learned that I loved it. I want to do it again. Soon!

It was such an adventure for me. It felt like I was 8 years old deep in pretend playworld, but really doing it! Running through puddles, slip sliding in mud, laughing, jumping, and just not caring about sh- stuff.

Back to the pavement tomorrow. I am looking forward to being barefoot again. I kept dreaming about being barefoot on the trail run. Then I would scuff the bottom of my foot on a sharp rock (with no adverse effects, thanks Vibrams) and I would be ok with not being barefoot.

I hope I get to go up Mt Yamnuska on Sunday. If not I have a 16k loop around Glenmore Reservoir, and then a 5k race on Monday out in Okotoks.

Mt. Yamnuska. 45 minutes West of Calgary. Picture taken from a moving car on the Trans Canada Highway.IMG_6588


  1. So glad you had fun :) I've definitely started thinking of trying a trail run one day. MT. Yamnuska looks beautiful!

  2. Mt Yamnuska looks very tempting.
    I definitely prefer trails over pavement but pavement is just outside my door while trails require quite a bit of a drive.

  3. Awesome man! I need to get my wife convinced we need to do this soon - if it works I'll send you some slightly less awesome pics from nearby ... be have black bears, dumb ass moose, and deer about an hour away on the highway.

  4. I think cool kids needs to put on trail race up there.