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Monday, August 9, 2010

The next day…

… seems just as good as yesterday. First of all, I got some good news from my favourite coffee sponsor today, AND then I am in the middle of a record breaking day for hit count on this here blog you are reading!

I don’t think I have done it before, but I want to thank all of you who read my ramblings complaining whining bitching crying idiocy mistakes blog. I really like reading your blogs, in fact I am going to update my sponsor request page to include a request for a high paying job reading and writing blogs all day long. I also like you following my blog. I am the first to admit the blog has changed as I have gained more followers and my daily hit count keeps going up. It has become less a internal rambling blog and more a daily essay in spell check efficiency of my run and general life doings. I like writing posts that make me smile, and when I make myself laugh, I know it’s going to be well received.

Some of you that frequent this blog are quite supportive and vocal, while many of you like to read and run. I like all of you the same. However, if you like something here, please do leave a comment, as I think we all like to know that what we write is being read and hopefully appreciated by others!

I do have a request for the Kanadian readers of this blog, including the Calgary readers (you know who you are). Feel free to click on the follow sign at the left and get your name into my list of super awesome running friends as there are going to be a number of local and Kanadian only contests coming up, and you are probably going to want to get involved! I’m just sayin.

Ok. The day after the big race: (I feel more like “Barefoot Neil Z” more than ever now too!)

I was on the Global News at 6pm yesterday, 4 times this morning, 1 time this afternoon and once more this evening. I had a few emails from people saying they seen me and they seemed pleasantly amused!

I also received the best comment to date and I had another blogger write about me.

Barefoot Fresca (Avocational Singer) from New Jersey writes a comment about my barefoot race report:

I LOVE this! I love everything about this. I love your kid being there. I love you doing it barefoot, and how happy you look. I love the coffee shop and want to go there and drink coffee and read a book -- but it's a little too far from me. And seeing the pix made me really really want to run a barefoot 5K. You made it look like so much fun.

Wow! Thats fantastic! She is embarking on her own Barefoot journey and is doing very well! Oh, and I use Windows Live Writer for Authoring my blogs. You can thank me later.

And my very fast North Cackalacky (Carolina) buddy Anthony congratulated me on my race yesterday in his blog.

Cool. I love this virtual blogolife!

My feet and legs are ‘normal’ after-race sore, but that’s all. I almost went for a run tonight as I am still basking in the post race glow, but figured I should take a day off and get back at it tomorrow. I realized after the race that I had a lot of gas left in the tank at the end of yesterdays race, and I am really looking forward to a PR attempt at the Sheep River Road Race on Sept 6th.  I was only 2 minutes off my shod PR yesterday. I am also going to attempt to smash my 5k time at the Urban Venus Cupcake run on Sept 19th.

The best parts of my life  in order of ‘bestness’ right now are: My family, my running, my drinking coffee at/from the Cranston Good Earth Cafe and then everything else! The other thing that seems all consuming here these days is the crazy weather. It hasn’t stopped storming here for 2 months now!

This evenings sky was wild and messy and awesome! Then it hailed sideways for 5 minutes then the sun shine shined shone again!


running product makers , it’s only going to get better!! Please sponsor me! (Today's special request: I really want Sony to send me one of those incredibly cool wireless walkmans and a 3d tv!)



  1. Yes I do thank you! The google blog editor has been driving me crazy. I also am very touched that you quoted my comment. Thanks for that too. Keep up the running. If you will, I will.

  2. Ah, so the PR smashing begins...

    Remember it's better to be tired from a too-fast cadence than to wear out the soles from pushing off.

    The muscles and feet will feel less sore after races with practice.

    Blah blah advice blah, I'm proud of how thoroughly you kicked butt.

  3. Pick a Rock N Roll event and then let Sony know you are planning on running it. They are the music media player sponsor of the RnR series.

    That picture is AMAZING!