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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First training run with my boy.

On Sunday I am racing my first ever barefoot race at the Rock the House Run, at the Calgary Children's Hospital. We ran it last year, I did the 10k while pacing Traci for her 5k, then continuing on the second loop for my 10k. It was an uneventful run, as far as runs go, but the event itself is awesome. They have more entertainment per km than any other race I’ve been to. hey have Female Michael Jackson impostor, other bands of all sorts, a large troupe of belly dancers all over the course, then after the event they have a stage set up for a live band to play while you eat your delicious free sandwiches and munch on you delicious free ice cream.

They also have  a great 1k kids event, that runs down along the garden path around the Ronald McDonald House grounds. This was Andrews first running medal, but it has an asterisk next to it, as he was being pushed in a stroller, because he was in a hip to toe cast with a broken fib/tib.

GO FASTER Poppop!!


The whole report is here…

He has a few running medals now, and he’ll get another one on Sunday when he has his one year of racing anniversary at this race. He is ready too! We went to the park and ran some paths. Andrew is fasssst! 6:30 pace for 16 meter intervals x1, 12:45 pace for 112 meter intervals x1 and 22 minutes of crazy fun fartleks as he yells “catch up to me daddy!!!”, then stops to pick up a pretty rock and some blades of grass. he swears they make him faster. I don’t know, I guess I'd need to see the research first. He does have the ‘on the run’ water drink down pat, as long as I hold the bottle just right for him! Oh yeah, he’s ready.

I wore the 5’s today as I want to rest my bashed sole from yesterday, it’s ok, just a bit tender. And I didn’t really run, except for the 16 meters at 6:30 with my guy at the start of his workout!

Oh yeah, woke up to this only a few blocks from our house. 3 brand new homes totally destroyed by fire. Make sure to count your blessings, these 3 families made it out without injury, but are left homeless in a heartbeat. Just a reminder, we worry too much about trivial things, forgetting what matters. Hug your family today! let them know you love them!


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  1. Neil,
    Heard about the fire yesterday and thought of your family. Very glad for you but very sad for the three families affected.

  2. so sad about the fires :(
    I love to push my boys in the jogging stroller. Its fun to have their cheers and encouragement!
    Best of luck in the upcoming race!!