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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just good but quite tough run.

Tonight was one of those nights that having the club, and the accountability that goes along with it, that made me go out for the run. I had a pretty draining day on the job site, had to wear very heavy work boots the entire day (first time in a month, sucked). Current Project before:


After a full day of ripping and tearing and hauling 12 tons of crap out:


Then I had a very long drive home from the jobsite but when I was almost home, I was called for a pitstop to help my darling wife flush some foreign object out of her eye again. I say “again” as it’s a pretty common occurrence that she gets something in her eye that either requires a flush kit out of our first aid box or a visit to the eye doctor and a few days of ointment and a sexy ass pirate patch (3 times with the patch I think, is that right honey? Do we still have the patch? maybe tonight you can wear the patch again… hmmm?)!

Er, were was I?…. oh yeah, I was at home for only a few minutes and out the door to run an easy 6k tonight.

It was about 1 minute to the time I would call it a night, not run, and go home, when the first runner of 3 showed up. Even then it almost turned into a coffee run (where no running is involved) but it seemed like Runner J was eager and we begrudgingly headed out. Runner T is tapering for a Tri this weekend, Good Luck!

It started ok, but legs felt heavy, and I didn’t ever get into any sort of groove. Just heavy slogging.

Right where we start running, they just put down brand new asphalt on the path and it is black as night and I stepped on a big sharp stone. EFFER, I said as I stepped on it, but it was not done. It was coated in asphalt tar and stuck to my foot, so I stepped on the little bastard again and it just about dropped me to the ground. EFFER! EMMER EFFER!!! Damn that hurt. X2. Runner T, gets all smart and says, “huh, I don’t seem to notice rocks… Hey, was that a rock I just stepped on? hmmm…I don’t know because I’m wearing SHOES!, snicker, snickity snick snork.” Yeah, ur sooo funny.

As we ran along, I kept getting little stones stuck to my foot for some reason. Maybe the wicked storms we’ve been having has stirred up some of the trail bits that normally sit quietly on the side, not bothering anyone. when I get one stuck on my foot, I typically run off the paved path into the grass (I know Josh, danger lurks in the grass) and do a quick swipe to clean the bottom of my foot, but we were running along some planted shrub beds at one point with no grass in sight and so I tried to swipe the pavement – ever so slightly – and absolutely smashed the bottom of my foot into the path. Wow did that smart. I thought about stopping and having a look to see if I ripped the sole off my foot, but was too scared and just kept running. By the time we got back the the Good Earth Cafe, the throbbing had subsided and I still haven’t looked.

On a serious note, Runner K just found out (at 40+ish years old) that she suffers from Celiacs disease. Anyone out there have any amazing recipe sites or advice for our newest Gluten free eater? Let me know.

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  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 77.2km (48 miles to you Mercans)
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 11.8km
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)

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  1. So I take it you do landscaping as a job. Well done.

    Here is a great site that I follow for Gluten Free foods. There is an incredible bakery in Cochrane, and this guy's wife runs the place. He also finds places all over Calgary that cater to GF. A good read indeed.

  2. I'm not there yet...although I love it when I can go barefoot. :)