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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Interesting tingle…

… in my feet today. Just a weird tingle, like they are waking up after I sat on them for a half hour. Strange. I did wear shoes to the rocket launch all day. That may have ‘shocked’ them.

Anyway. I seemed to get a good response from the ‘street recognification’ from yesterday. My ego has been stroked good enough, so feel free to start making fun of me again, so I can put my feet back on the ground. thanks.

I also got some curiositification about the rockets. It’s a hobby that I used to have fun with but then haven’t thought much about for at least a decade. Then back on June 19th at the Cool Kids Fun Run, Runner S told me that her husband wasn’t at the race because he was at a rocket launch. Turns out, 10 years earlier, we attended a launch near Calgary that they were at. How did we remember that it was this particular launch? Well there was a rocket that didn’t deploy it’s parachute and it went clear through the roof of a nearby school and we both remembered that. Bet Kevin Bacon couldn’t have predicted that!

I ‘liked’ the facebook page for the Calgary Rocket Club and I saw an update for this launch here in Rosebud. A quick call to the Campground and we decide to make a weekend out of it. Sweet. I had forgotten how much run model rocketry was. I still had my supplies and a bunch of my old rockets in a bin in the basement, so I (literally) dusted them off and we headed to Rosebud!

Here are some of the highlights.



Chute deployment. Check!


Waiting our turn for the launch pad! This one went at least 2000ft high!


One of my fancier creations waiting for the final countdown (sorry of that song is stuck in your head now)


I think were getting close to finding  out here! Maybe check by the red barn up there?


Nope, it was over buy the pond. Thank little dude, you rescued my rocket!


It was a very relaxing day, capped off by a nice ‘tinfoil’ dinner. For those of you who are curous. We wrap veggies and meat in tinfoil and toss them on the fire till they are cooked. Yum! We didn’t have s’mores, but instead Traci made banana boats. Cut a banana in half, lay it, with the peel still on, on some tinfoil, put a few chunks of chocolate bar and a couple marshmallows on it and warp it loosely in the tinfoil. Cook till it hot. YUUU YUUUUM!

I’ll let you know tomorrow night how many people recognize me during my 13k run, round and round Rosebud tomorrow morning!

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  1. Mmmmm we call them hobo dinners. Never tried the banana thing though and that sounds yummy. Fun times.

  2. Great tangent! I've got Stine's "Handbook of Model Rocketry" sitting on by bookshelf between an observers handbook and the RASC Observer's guide.

    Haven't launched a rocket since cubs or scouts or something .... the black one in the wagon with Werner von B. looks like a V-2

  3. Wow! I didn't even know that was an existing hobby :) much to learn!

  4. That sounds like lots of fun!! I know my oldst would like to launch rockets for sure.

  5. Oh yeah and my feet tingle sometimes too. Sometimes when I am running they feel kind of numb like they fell asleep. Only one at a time though and it always goes away. weird.

  6. A: Fun times indeed:

    AO: It is a V-2 apparently. thats what the rocket nerds said

    Anne: It is a very expensive hobby too! The really big ones can cost 1k per flight!

    AB: My baby toe on my right foot goes to sleep. really weird. And your husband would probably like it too, but his buddies at the gym would probably put him in an arm bar and make him tap out.

    These comments are brought to you by the letter A: the first letter of the first name in each of todays commenters.